Quarter Moon & Mars Conjunct Neptune – Jun 13

At 2:24am the Moon at 22:42 Pisces Squares the Sun at 22:42 Gemini creating the Waning Quarter Moon.

As we are in the Eclipse Wormhole and now just one week from the Solar Eclipse (Quarter Moon), these aspects between the Moon and Sun can be very revealing. Though neither of them are in Cancer where the Solar Eclipse will occur at 2:41am (EST) on Jun 21 at 0:21 Cancer. But today we are looking at subconscious feelings around our mental constructs and getting some clarity there. Are we seeing things accurately? How do we feel about our own ideas and our oneness? See what you can as it will lead you into the SUPERCHARGED FRESH START of the Solar Eclipse.

This will be our last Eclipse to fall across the Cancer/Capricorn axis for the next 17+ years. The Nodes of Fate are now Transiting in Gemini/Sagittarius and the Full Moon Eclipse of Jun 5 was the first across this axis. So there is a shift from home and career to local vs global and intellectual concepts. But we still have some things to wrap up across home and career, mom and dad, nurturing and discipline, private and public before we are fully into the Gemini/Sagittarius areas of life.

At 10:13am Mars at 20:56 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 20:56 Pisces.

Motivated to avoid. Motivated to sleep. Or a great ability to push harder against some unseen resistance. It can manifest in many ways. But our motivations are being morphed right now with Mars in Pisces and we won’t fully see our new motivations until he Ingresses Aries on Jun 27. Between now and then, Mars will Sextile Pluto and Jupiter giving us some productive indication around what they are doing as Jupiter applies to his 2nd Conjunction to Pluto.

Mars will Retrograde in Aries and it will pit each of us against some authority or spiritual concepts as he Squares Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto 3 times between now and early next year. The SELF has to realize some new motivations (and revise them) in light of all of the foundations of authority and power, our own and others.

Keep in mind that Pluto in Capricorn is actually showing us the shadow side of power and authority as a way to SPUR each of us back to our own personal sovereignty. We are NOT to be ‘slaves’ or ‘sheep’ as you see in many social media concepts. But we won’t ACT on our need for personal freedom until Mars reaches Aries. Then its going to be something to behold!!

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