Uranus Semi-Sextiles Chiron – Jun 10

On Jun 18, Mercury will Station Retrograde at 14:46 Cancer. He entered his Shadow Phase 1 just after midnight on Jun 2 (at 5:30 Cancer). So what has been spoken over the last week will be part of his review and revision during his Retrograde cycle: Jun 18 – Jul 12. This puts BOTH Mercury and Venus Retrograde in the Summer Solstice and Jun 22 Solar Eclipse charts. So our mental constructs around mom, home, family, land, nurturing and security needs as well as our values, available resources, finances and beauty will be under review at the same time.

At 3:26am Uranus at 9:01 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 9:01 Aries.

A minor aspect but a powerful one for some Soul Awareness. These 2 Planetary bodies have been in a Semi-Sextile aspect for over a year now. With Chiron in Aries we can experience insecurity or lack of motivation. Uranus is shaking up the Fixed Earth areas of our lives. He is changing our available resources to equalize among all of us or groups. Unexpected resources, bizarre beauty, transgender and all of these unusual things are part of his energy right now. Yet, these changes he is making can be adding to our own lack of motivation or insecurity. If we are insecure, are we willing to change our desires so that we are more likely to be ‘loved?’ At least this is a helpful aspect between the 2 so they are working productively together. See if you can catch their overall message as they exact.

At 8:44am Venus Rx at 9:32 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 24:32 Capricorn.

There is an adjustment here to create an ease between our own desires and values and those in some position of authority that may hold the purse strings. Or a benefactor may want us to adjust the way we are using joint resources in order to continue our intimate connection. Venus is on Day 25 of her 40 Day Retrograde cycle. She first made this aspect to Pluto on Apr 15 on the same degree. She will make her final Ses-Square to Pluto on Jul 9 at 9:26 Gemini. So see if your values have changed since Apr 15 and how that has created a necessary adjustment to Pluto types: corrupt officials, those who control government funds and the Plutocracy in all forms. Venus Stations Direct on Jun 25 at 5:20 Gemini.

At 9:29am the Sun at 20:07 Gemini Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 26:07 Capricorn.

A very beneficial aspect between our goals for our neighbors, siblings, classmates and local community and our philosophy of sound leadership styles and spiritual beliefs. This is an magical, effortless energy allowing us mental clarity (Sun in Gemini) of our spiritual beliefs applied to authority (Jupiter in Capricorn). Soak in all the clarity that you can so that you can rely on this optimism over the next several months.

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