Eros Conjunct Uranus & Magical Mental Clarity – Jun 7-8

By early Sunday, Eros Conjunct Uranus in Taurus. If you had some unexpected desires pop up, this is that aspect. Never hurts to reach out and touch with this energy.

Sunday, Jun 7, PM, EST

At 9:29pm Mercury at 10:55 Cancer Semi-Sextiles Venus Rx at 10:55 Gemini.

While our communications might be a bit secretive or self-protective, we also have the ability to express our desires and offer some healing. What we value can be expressed as we are reviewing our values and we can see ways nurturing fits in with the plan.

Monday, Jun 8

At 6:14pm the Sun at 18:33 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 24:33 Capricorn.

Some excellent mental clarity around what any misuse of authority or corruption. We can effortlessly see the shadow side of government that is seeking to manipulate things. But we can also see how transparency and honesty needs to be a vital part of our ‘free speech’ and communication about authority. It will be easy to communicate with Pluto types today.

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