Lead Up to the Lunar Eclipse at 15:34 Sagittarius – Jun 2-5

The aspects leading up to the Lunar Eclipse will help clarify your feelings around what is ‘legal’ or not and ‘cities’ vs local issues. The Lunar Eclipse can clear something out of your life in order to make room for the Solar Eclipse on Jun 21 at 0:21 Cancer shortly following the Summer Solstice. It will be all about holding and protecting the land, the home, the family.

Tuesday, Jun 2, EST

At 8:41pm Venus Rx at 14:03 Gemini Squared Mars at 14:03 Pisces.

Our desires were challenged by our subconscious motivations. Men and women could have been at odds in hidden ways. Your words could have been beautiful, but it could have angered someone without you seeing it. We want to circulate locally, but there can still be some hidden fears around doing so.

Wednesday, Jun 3

At 1:43pm the Sun at 13:36 Gemini Conjuncts Venus Rx at 13:36 Gemini.

Today we can see how our values have changed since Venus Stationed Retrograde on May 13. She is only halfway through her Rx cycle. On Jun 25 she will Station Direct at 5:20 Gemini. If you haven’t noticed how your ideas, works and the ways you express yourself has changed, pay attention. The things you value are also under review. We are all valuing our local communities more right now. But we need to revise some of how we are expressing this or showing it. Love thy neighbor as thyself is very appropriate right now. In a world in chaos (Saturn/Jupiter Conjunct Pluto Transits) you need to keep lines of communication open in your community and provide resources within your community to ensure the best.

Thursday, Jun 4

At 2:52pm Vesta Ingresses Cancer.

If you have seen some of my ‘liberty’ videos on my youtube channel lately, you may be wondering what is happening. All of these new cycles with Pluto are occurring in my 3rd House (physical world) by Sun Sign (Scorpio Sun). But the Transit that has me ‘speaking out’ right now is Transiting Uranus Opposing my Natal Neptune/Mercury Conjunction in Scorpio! I can’t even help myself… lol…. SO Uranus! I’m compelled and it has been fun in many ways too. I offer this only as some help in explaining what I see Vesta in Cancer helping us in the US to do over the next month.

Vesta rules groups of people we feel compatible with spiritually. Cancer is security conscious and all about the ‘homeland.’ The US is a Cancer Country. With our President federalizing our military to put down the insurrection of our (largely Democratic) Governors who are backed by China, this will call out the local militias to fight along our military and National Guard to put down the insurrection.

Vesta in Cancer is the perfect alignment for this to happen under. We will be hanging with family and defending ourselves with Vesta in Cancer. We all know the power of a mother bear protecting her cubs. Well meet Vesta in Cancer.

Friday, Jun 5

At 7:04am Mercury at 8:47 Cancer Sextiles Uranus at 8:47 Taurus.

If you are looking for some inspired ways to secure your home and family or to find some unexpected resources, this is the aspect for that insight. Let those flashes of awareness sink in and inform you of what you can do.

At 9:40am Mercury at 8:53 Cancer Squares Chiron at 8:53 Aries.

Now we have the other half of the awareness with some Soulful energy from Chiron. If you are feeling insecure right now, check yourself. Know that it is within you to deal with your own insecurity rather than to lash out at others and throw the blame around. But with Mercury in Cancer, there is every chance that initiating some emotional words will be the result. Its all good. Sometimes these outbursts get everyone on the same page. And with Uranus also there, the sanitizing effect of words is available.

At 3:12pm the Moon at 15:34 Sagittarius Opposes the Sun at 15:34 Gemini.

A Super-charged emotional peak, that initiates the Eclipse cycle of 2 more Eclipses. But a Full Moon, as we know, shows us how we feel. But make it an Eclipse and its a very big REVEAL of our feelings about global vs. local, spiritual vs. grade school ideas, philosophy vs Karmic response. Leaders who can bring us together now are going to be front and center, but those who seek to DIVIDE (Duality) is what Gemini is all about. Global struggles are now front to your local community. When Antifa threatens to go into neighborhood, this is that energy. Don’t buy into the fear. Jupiter is applying to Pluto again and justice (real justice) is going to reign soon enough.

But the upside of a Lunar Eclipse is that is an EMOTIONAL RESET. Right at the time of the Eclipse, you will SEE how you FEEL and be able to let go of feelings for things and people that no longer serve you. Over the last week or so (following the New Moon in Gemini) people have been leaving cities (Sagittarius) all over the country. It is time to build neighborhoods that support us. But it can also be about plugging into the media too much. Gemini is the dual mind. It is best to stay centered in order to move through these volatile times instigated by the media.

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