Jupiter Rx Quintile Chiron – Jun 1

At 4:05am Jupiter Rx at 26:45 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 8:45 Aries.

This is some effortless healing of our insecurity and our leadership philosophy. Maybe we don’t feel up to being great leaders, but leaders are made and not born. Made through Transits that bring magic to your chart. For this week, we all have some effortless spiritual concepts coming through healing our lack of motivation. You will see that in holding the ‘light’ you don’t need to take action for that is what is needed right now. This could be a time to simply ‘be still and know.’

At 2:47pm the Sun at 11:44 Gemini Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 26:44 Capricorn.

Some adjustment to our goals and words are needed to create an ease with our spiritual philosophy around power and authority. Are we seeing who is the ‘light’ in our circles of authority? Are we following the light? Maybe we need to incorporate our spiritual philosophies into our local goals. We need to bring big ideas into our neighborhoods and create more optimism and hope right next door.

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