Mercury & Mars Aspect Pluto & Jupiter – May 26/27

Tuesday, May 26, EST

At 11:35am Mercury at 27:01 Gemini Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 27:01 Capricorn.

Mercury Squared Jupiter Rx on Apr 26 which was Karmic in nature. Mercury Trined Jupiter Rx on May 10 which was easy. Now we have the adjustment. Look to those dates to see what you are expressing regarding your spiritual philosophy and leadership preferences. Jupiter has been helping us to see which type of leaders are benevolent, optimistic and proactive compared to Pluto which is showing us the dark side of power and misuse of shared resources. Mercury Quincunx Pluto just after midnight on Monday so compare what gets expressed today with Monday and you will see which ‘leadership’ style you are leaning towards or following. You could be sharing your ideas with those in your local community: siblings, neighbors, cousins, classmates or taxi/Uber/Lyft drivers.

Wednesday, May 27

At 10:09am Mars at 9:45 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto Rx at 24:45 Capricorn.

Its never the easiest energy to have these 2 Planets in a ‘hard’ aspect. A Semi-Square is more irritating than Karmic, but it can give us a view of what is bothering Pluto at the moment regarding the ways we assert ourselves. We may find someone we can’t see is not likely what we are doing. A slight confrontation is possible, but with Mars in Pisces it could just be a slow burning to confront that doesn’t happen. With the first ‘hard aspect’ in their current cycle, this could just be the blast across the bow of the ship.

On May 30 Mars will Semi-Square Jupiter likely bringing up some ‘infection’ (Mars) ideas (Jupiter)/fears (Pisces) again. Or some new approaches to ways of avoiding further infection.

On Aug 4 Mars will Square Jupiter Rx for the 1st of 3 times during Mars’ Retrograde cycle. And on Aug 13 Mars will Square Pluto. These Squares are likely to be more challenging than the Conjunctions that occurred Mar 20 to Jupiter and Mars 23 to Pluto. If there is a ‘second wave’ of infection from COVID, this is a key window here. And/OR we may just push back harder against any corrupt leaders (Mars Square Pluto) and be aggressively vocal in our ideas (Mars Square Jupiter). That will be just the 1st Square.

The dates for Mars Squares during his Retrograde in Aries:

Jupiter: Aug 4, Oct 19, and Jan 23, 2021 (Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Aquarius)

Saturn: Aug 24, Sep 29, and Jan 13, 2021 (Mars in Taurus, Saturn in Aquarius)

Pluto: Aug 13, Oct 9 and Dec 23

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