We are IN the Eclipse Wormhole of Rapid Change – May 22

Yesterday’s New Moon in Gemini initiated the Eclipse cycle and the associated Wormhole of Rapid Change. Already today many people have left groups in the social network that they shared some beliefs with. This is a time of getting clear about our ideas as the 1st Lunar Eclipse is at 15:34 Gemini on Jun 5.

With Venus also Retrograde in Gemini we are reviewing our desires around communication and expressing new values that we are in the process of shaping up. Most US States are ‘back to earning a living’ Venus-style and we are driving around the area more as Gemini loves to DRIVE and cruise through the neighborhood and local community.

But as many have been on lockdown around the Planet, we have spent lots of time on FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc. All sources of information and news: Gemini/Mercury!

The Lunar Eclipse here will separate us from classmates and those who have different mental constructs. It may challenge everyone around their spiritual beliefs and thoughts they have held to since childhood.

This Wormhole will last until Jul 20 at the New Moon at 28:27 Cancer. The 3 Eclipses are as follows:

Lunar Eclipse – Jun 5 at 15:43 Sagittarius, Sun at 15:43 Gemini.

Solar Eclipse – Jun 21 at 0:27 Cancer

Lunar Ecilpse – Jul 5 at 13:38 Capricorn, Sun at 13:38 Cancer.

Wormhole ends at next Solar/Lunar event, the New Moon in Cancer. So between now and Jul 20 we can expect things to change at a rapid pace! Let’s roll with it!

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