Easy Intimacy & Other Minor Aspects – May 15

At 2:49am the Sun at 24:54 Taurus Trine Pluto Rx at 24:54 Capricorn.

Ease and clarity around the status of our own resources and those we share or use that is someone else’s money. Our desires will be easily supported by an intimate partner. You can see why your love your intimate partner today and it feels so good.

The US’s Natal Mercury is at 24 Cancer so this is a helpful aspect in our media and information sharing regarding resources, wealth and our values.

At 11:16am Mercury at 7:42 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 7:42 Taurus.

A minor aspect that will offer us some revelation that we will express around our resources, our plans and local community events. Mental inspiration. Unexpected words. Unexpected desires to get out and drive around town.

At 4:22pm Mercury at 8:07 Gemini Sextiles Chiron at 8:07 Aries.

A bit bigger aspect that may express some pain around insecurity or fear of asserting yourself. Not much you can do about it except to accept what you SEE, even if it hurts and move forward. The Sextile will make it productive, nonetheless.

At 8:25pm Mars at 1:56 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Saturn Rx at 1:56 Aquarius.

Another minor aspect that has our subconscious motivations working harmoniously with our restricted socializing or our focus on the social network.

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