Full Moon in Scorpio; Intense Emotions – May 7

At 2:24am Venus at 21:09 Gemini Biquintiles Jupiter at 27:09 Capricorn.

What a healing and magical aspect for the middle of the night here EST. If it hits you in the evening or morning you might feel it a bit more. Still, you could snag a nice massage or have someone offer to help you with finances or career moves. Publishing and writing opportunities are favored as well. Good energy to provide for siblings, neighbors or spiritual communities.

At 6:42am Mercury at 20:23 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 20:23 Pisces.

Helpful words around new ways to acquire the things that you may need or want right now. You can express how your values have changed recently and people will be attracted to the way you express yourself.

At 6:45am the Moon at 17:20 Scorpio Opposes the Sun at 17:20 Taurus creating the Annual Full Moon in Scorpio.

I was already feeling this emotional push by Wednesday morning as the Moon approached my Mercury. Investigative pursuits around peoples’ motivations is definitely on tap right now. As well as ways to acquire what we need by use of others’ money. Whatever we started at the New Moon at 3:24 Taurus on Apr 22 is being looked at in terms of the progress we have made. How do we feel about the money situations of our life? What do we value more now? Have our values changed as we’ve moved through this cycle of the Sun and Moon? We definitely have some Fixed Ideas surfacing prior to the exactness of the Full Moon.

At 4:39pm Mercury at 21:17 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Venus at 21:17 Gemini.

Another helpful aspect as these 2 Personal Planets are in Mutual Reception (in the other Sign the other rules). Our words are beautiful. Our values are easily expressed. We write and speak about our desires and ideas to beautify the neighborhood or ourselves.

Venus is slowing a tad as she nears her Retrograde Station of 21:50 Gemini on May 13. So some of what gets expressed may be revised soon enough. Venus Retrograde is the ’40 days and 40 nights’ of temptation and desires.

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