Superior Conjunction & North Node Into Gemini – May 4/5

Monday, May 4, EST

At 5:41pm Mercury at 14:52 Taurus Conjuncts the Sun at 14:52 Taurus.

This is the Superior Conjunction of our conscious mind and real-time. This is one of 6 days each year (roughly) where our communications align with the clarity of the Sun and our ability to see clear goals. In Taurus, we will be talking about our personal resources, desires, values and ways we earn a living or acquire resources. The Superior Conjunction is the mid-point of the Mercury/Sun cycle so we can gauge how we are doing regarding goals set at their Inferior Conjunction on Feb 25 at 6:55 Pisces. In Pisces these 2 Planets were dissolving an old cycle and beginning with some new ideals and imaginings. Now their energies have hit Fixed Earth/Taurus and we are planting what we saw on Feb 25. On Jun 30 they will have their Inferior Conjunction at 9:43 Cancer and we will begin a new cycle with this current cycle wrapping up around home, family and land matters.

But pay close attention to what you hear, read and say today. It is based in reality and can be trusted. Contracts can be signed and agreements reached that will move us forward towards our goals. The trick will be to not lose sight as Mercury moves ahead of the Sun and gets carried away with himself. Stay in the Sun’s clarity and Higher-Minded energies to keep yourself on track.

At 7:26pm Mercury at 15:02 Taurus Semi-Squares the North Node at 0:02 Cancer.

The North Node has been moving across the degree of the Jun 21st Solar Eclipse at 0:21 Cancer. With this aspect from Mercury, you could get a sense or hear something that is a foreshadow of what that Eclipse will bring. Focus on family is nearing its end just after midnight on Tuesday so see what final messages you hear tonight.

At 9:21pm the Sun at 15:01 Taurus Semi-Squares the North Node at 0:01 Cancer.

Thankfully the Sun offers clarity to our words around security of the homeland (Cancer) and our rights to Fixed Earth resources, values and desires. Its a great day to get clear on our goals for family before the Nodes Ingress Gemini. See what the final message of the North Node in Cancer holds. It may irritate a bit, via the Semi-Square, but will shape your goals moving forward.

Tuesday, May 5, AM

At 1:48am the North Node Ingresses Gemini.

Love Thy Neighbor

We have been feeling this energy already as we express the need to let go of ‘globalization’ and foreign places (South Node in Sagittarius). Our Soulful focus over the next 18 months will be on LOCAL matters and ‘Everything I learned in Kindergarten’. It will be helpful to look at our big ideals and spiritual perspectives and see if they still align with all the goodness we felt growing up in our neighborhoods. Have we lost our love for our neighbors while looking at things far away? Can we again focus on what is outside our own doors and create a better neighborhood with our spiritual perspectives intact? Are our schools really preparing children for their futures? And so much more! You are likely to be more in touch with siblings, cousins, classmates and neighbors over the next 18 months. How can we sustain ourselves with what is in our immediate environment? That will be the new focus.

When you boil your lofty spiritual principles down, it all comes back to: Love thy Neighbor. Which is also the way to resolve Karma. Gemini is where Karma begins. But Sagittarius is where it is reconciled. So the Nodes of Fate are saying to apply your spiritual ideals to the place where your Karma began.

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