Weekend Challenges While the North Node Wraps Up Things in Cancer – May 1-3

This weekend could bring up some insecurity and fear around your desires or resources. But on Monday we have the Superior Conjunction of the Sun so our goals will be getting clearer through the weekend. On Tuesday, just after midnight, the North Node slips into Gemini and we are off on some new Soulful Lessons around keeping things local and more stay-cations than vacations this summer.

Friday, May 1, EST, PM

At 3:23pm Venus at 19:27 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 7:27 Aries.

A Quintile certainly can’t hurt when Chiron is involved. Venus is a Healing Planet and helps with any pain right now. So express your feelings and love in order to help yourself or someone else overcome some insecurity or inability to assert themselves. Healing words and touch can go a long ways today.

Saturday, May 2

At 1:05am Mars at 22:28 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 7:28 Aries.

Now our motivations to circulate and socialize is irritating us and our insecurity may have us to afraid to follow-through. Or we may cause someone else to feel insecure and we can mingle as easily as we had hoped. Or perhaps someone sees you are out and about and not wearing a facemask and they flip you the bird or something. Lots of ways this can play out.

Sunday, May 3

At 11:52pm Venus at 20:18 Gemini Squares Neptune at 20:18 Pisces.

Squares between these 2 Planets are Karmically challenging. It is a Fear of Rejection. We want to touch, but are afraid to. Expressing our desires brings up some subconscious fears we don’t want to face. Unreciprocated expressions of love are almost guaranteed, but don’t take the bait of this 3D energy and think that all hope is lost. What you will be feeling is the typical human angst around whether you will be hurt by love and so you don’t say anything to move things along. If you do manage to be in someone’s arms right now, you may also manifest an STD or virus or something because this is separation consciousness around touch and fear of touch. Its just an illusion, right Neptune? Nothing is as it seems and right now it all seems Karmic and hopeless. But it isn’t. Do your best to touch without fear.

On Monday, we will have the Superior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun at 14:52 Taurus. This is the halfway point of the current Mercury/Sun cycle and will show us how much progress we have made on goals set at their Inferior Conjunction of Feb 25 at 6:55 Pisces.

Monday is one of 6 days each year where our conscious thoughts (Mercury) are clear and based in real-time (Sun). So pay close attention to what you hear from Sunday night through Monday.

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