Mercury Ingresses Taurus – Apr 27

At 3:53pm Mercury Ingresses Taurus.

Over the next 30 days or so we will be more stubborn with our words and less fiery and aggressive. Our words could be beautiful and express our desires. We will also be able to express our values which will be a big step towards moving this cycle along to the next phase. Mercury right now is trailing Venus and the Sun so our conscious world is lagging a bit behind our desires and clarity.

On May 4, Mercury will Conjunct the Sun in their Superior Conjunction at 14:52 Taurus. So in just the next week, Mercury will travel through almost 15 degrees! He is moving fast now in preparation for his upcoming Retrograde cycle that will begin on Jun 18. The Superior Conjunction with the Sun is the halfway point of their current cycle which began at the Inferior Conjunction on Feb 25 at 6:55 Pisces. So we can SEE what progress we have made on our goals since then.

Mercury will Conjunct Uranus (6:52 Taurus) on Apr 30 before he meets the Sun and that will be a big benefit to our plans moving forward. He will carry this inspiring insight to the Sun’s clarity and we will be off in some new directions with solid goals to support us.

At 6:38pm Mercury at 0:14 Taurus Sextiles the North Node at 0:14 Cancer.

This aspect will help to ground (Taurus) Mercury in the Soulful lesson of the North Node in Cancer. How have our values changed now that we have been home more? Do we value things differently now? How can we involved more family time with our need to acquire resources? Will we want to continue to work from home to be closer to our families? Have our families become stronger with more time devoted to each other? Try to soak up this lesson as the Nodes will be Ingressing Gemini/Sagittarius on May 5 so we are wrapping up the Cancer/Capricorn lessons.

When the North Node Ingresses Gemini, we will be focused on all local activities and letting go of global places. The ‘virus’ is keeping us closer to home and we will begin to experience the Soulful energy of Gemini in this 18-month process. Buy Local; Support Local; BE Local. New Local modes of transportation may be coming up for us. Certainly we will be looking at building strong local communities in the wake of the Global Pandemic.

As I was just encouraging others via social media, Communism comes from the top down. But Democracy comes from the bottom up. It will be time to build from the ‘bottom up’ as the North Node Ingresses Gemini.

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