Coronal Mass Ejection – Apr 20/21

Coincidentally it seems that CMEs coincide with the Sun’s aspects (thanks, Jen;). Of course! Those who follow solar flares and the like are looking at the physical expression of the Sun’s clarity. On Monday, the Sun makes 2 to the North Node and Saturn on the way to the New Moon in Taurus Conjunct Uranus set for Wednesday evening.

Monday, Apr 20, EST

At 1:04pm the Sun at 1:04 Taurus Sextiles the North Node at 1:04 Cancer.

Clarity around our available resources and what we value now that we are emphasizing home over career. How can we beautify our home? How does this nurture our families to do so? What do we value more? Belongings or love? We get clear about our desires today.

Tuesday, Apr 21, AM

At 3:00am the Sun at 1:38 Taurus Squares Saturn at 1:38 Aquarius.

This is essentially a 3-way with the Sun, Saturn and the North Node. Saturn exacted a Quincunx to the North Node on Friday, Apr 17. So the Sun is going to offer us some clarity around this aspect through the view of our values, our available resources, beauty and gardening. How has social distancing and staying at home impacted our ability to provide for ourselves? That is the big issue today and we will see things clearly and set goals to keep our physical wealth in mind.

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