A Mental, & Likely Verbal, Weekend – Apr 18/19

Saturday, Apr 18, EST

At 1:36am Mercury at 11:47 Aries Sextiles Venus at 11:47 Gemini.

Mercury in Aries is forceful and aggressive communication. We like to initiate it and it can be Aries-style fiery. But the Sextile to Venus right should help to soothe things a bit. Mercury rules Venus in Gemini though and so we are speaking about the things we value with force. This can be productive with the Sextile. Someone is likely to understand the fiery nature of your words and maybe try to soothe you with a simple touch. Or vice versa. If you need resources right now, you are likely unafraid to say so and you are able to get what you need.

At 11:55pm Mercury at 13:26 Aries Sextiles Mars at 13:36 Aquarius.

Mars rules Mercury Transiting his Sign so, while a Sextile, there is likely some strong confrontational energy behind our words. A friend of mine, Michael, asked me on Wednesday why the ‘protests’ in Michigan happened to start that day. Well, I told him Mars was finally out of orb of Saturn and we were feeling the motivation to socialize and seek personal freedom (Mars in Aquarius). Mercury is initiating words that express what each of us is motivated for at the moment. In aspect to Mars, we want to mingle and be free.

Sunday, Apr 19

At 1:37am Mercury at 13:54 Aries Quintiles Saturn at 1:34 Aquarius.

This is the easiest aspect here and will further support our ideas for taking actions that some authorities may have been denying us lately. But Saturday’s expressions are likely to help turn the table here and bit and authorities may be willing to allow more personal movement. You will find it easy to communicate your motivations to authority types, too. Already today (Friday) the news has coverage of Sheriff’s in MI who are saying they will NOT enforce the Governor’s orders around boating and other activities outdoors if people are keeping safe distances. More of this is likely to come out on Saturday and Sunday.

At 10:45am the Sun Ingresses Taurus.

In US history April 19 is a fateful day. The Sun Ingresses Taurus about the same time each year (give or take a day). American Revolution, Oklahoma City Bombing, WACO and so many other things began on this date (as well as a few days before and after). There is something about moving from Initiating Fire to Fixed Earth that maybe seems volatile. You could expect to see more stubbornness among the people, but let’s hope not. Now is just the time to be socially responsible (Saturn in Aquarius) while we return to normalcy in stages. Pick up a flute rather than a rifle. Get in formation and play a merry tune. A way better use of energy;)

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