What’s Going On in US Natal Chart?

These are interesting times and there are many story-lines circulating that describe many different perspectives of the same story: Global Pandemic.

But just to look at a few national Natal Charts, we can see how the story-lines are playing out in various countries such as US and China. Italy is worth looking at too! As they were hit so hard with the ‘virus’ (if there IS a real virus;). But that’s just another story-line!

Let’s start with the US Natal Chart:

July 4, 1776, 4:50pm, Philadelphia, PA
  1. Cancer Sun is very protective, nurturing and safety conscious. It is the Sign of mom, home, family and land: baseball, hotdogs and apple pie sort of thing. Jupiter in the 1st House is the ‘sea to shining sea’… lots of land.
  2. Venus and Jupiter Conjunct is expansive resources and good fortune within the land of the 1st House of body and 7th House of partnerships/open enemies.
  3. But notice Mercury (Conjunct Vertex at 22 Cancer) at 24:12 Cancer. The US likes to keep its communications private or close-hold (security-conscious Cancer) as a way to protect itself.
  4. US Black Moon Lillith is Conjunct Neptune in Virgo. Virgo is the US 3rd House by Sun Sign and in 9th House by Rising Sign. Virgo, of course, rules health, service and duty. But the Superhero Powers of the US are: Mentalists (can tell when someone is telling the truth or lying); Cosmologists (can see the big, global picture) and Optimizers (can find ways to do things more efficiently). Conjunct Neptune also gives the ability to Empathize with others (being global others by 9th House and maybe too permeable to others’ bad energies). NOTE: The CDC has 2 of the same BML placements (also a Cancer Sun with BML in 6th House of health and Sign of Sagittarius, global).
  5. US’s Ascendant is in Sagittarius and that is the 6th House of health and service by Sun Sign. Makes sense when the US was the ‘world’s policeman’ for so long.

Looking Recent and Current Transits:

Well most of what has captured the headlines has been dealing with the Stellium of Planets and the Eclipses in Capricorn since Dec, 2019. The Solar Eclipse of Dec 26 and Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars were/are all in the US’s 7th Houses of partnership by Sun Sign. The Solar Eclipse was in the 1st House of the body by Rising Sign and the Conjunctions of Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter and Mars were in the 2nd House of available resources by Rising Sign.

On Jan 12, the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction Opposed the US’s Vertex (5D relating-ship axis of significant players) as well as the US’s Mercury (communications, media, thoughts, ideas, plans, transportation, K-12 learning) all in the Sign of the home and 8th House of shared resources.

Transiting Pluto Opposite Natal Mercury makes one suspicious and there are many mental/mind games between the ‘self’ (US) and others (7th House). Mercury brings in the media as well. Capricorn is the US’s natural partnership house and our public authorities are being challenged at every level of their authority.

But Saturn Conjunct Pluto is a total transformation of financial structures. When things are rebuilt, will they look the same? This energy is running rampant in the minds of many US citizens. Many are suspicious of government actions. Others are supporting the government or the Democratic party and playing the usual Mercury double-mindedness of pure duality and Karma.

Pluto will Station Retrograde at 25:00 Capricorn on Apr 25 in tight orb of the US’s Mercury all year. So don’t expect the competing (Pluto in the 7th House) story-lines to die down soon. And even all of 2021 Pluto will be in tight orb of an Opposition to Mercury as well as applying to Conjunct the US’s Natal Pluto. This is the biggie the story-lines are just starting to work towards.

On Feb 23, Transiting Saturn Conjuncts the US’s Natal Pluto. Lucky for the US (or not), this begins a new cycle of Saturn/Pluto for them that is Conjunct the cycle that started on Jan 12 for ALL of us. I’m sure this is when inner circles of government started working more diligently on the virus plan. Saturn will make 2 more passes to the US Pluto this year: Aug 4 and Nov 19. We will begin to see how the US’s structures are being transformed this year but it will continue with the Pluto Return.

On Mar 20, Mars Conjunct Jupiter was on the same degree of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction and Opposing the US Vertex (almost exact) and Mercury. This was the global spread of the infection and really began the discussion in the US (Opposite Mercury).

On Mar 23, Mars Conjunct Pluto at 24:43 Capricorn exactly Opposite the US Mercury. There was forceful, confrontational speech between authorities and media and suspicion from all as a lockdown is called most everywhere. When Mars Squares Jupiter and Pluto later this year, will there be a 2nd round of the virus? Is the virus real, some are asking. Nothing is real unless your Planetary energies make it so. But ALL of what you SEE is an experience so roll with it.

On Apr 4 Jupiter Conjuncts Pluto at 24:53 Capricorn. This was the decision for the Stimulus Checks which began arriving today (Apr 15). But Jupiter Opposite US Mercury is suspicion from foreign (Jupiter) governmental (Capricorn) partners (7th House). Of course this has been going on for a few months, but builds to this date. Though there was some optimism coming with it as well as authorities used financial means to bolster everyone’s own optimism.

Jupiter has 2 more Conjunctions over this year so this is not the end of the issue with foreign partners.

On May 14, Jupiter will Station Retrograde at 27:14 Capricorn (19 minutes from the US’s Natal Pluto at 27:33 Capricorn). It could help make things a bit more optimistic at that time as it did when the Transiting Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction occured.

Come Spring of 2022, Transiting Pluto will Conjunct the US’s Natal Pluto. This is a biggie and often times referred to as ‘when empires fall.’ But our mental mind (Mercury) is seeing this play out right now. That’s what Pluto Opposite Mercury looks like. We FEEL that it might be over. Or irrevocably changed.

Look at the ‘Era of the Transformers’ the 20-somethings I have written about a few years ago. They are the supporters of Bernie Sanders who has some magical Higher-Mind aspects to this age-groups Uranus/Neptune Conjunction in Capricorn. They imagine an ideal (Neptune) government (Capricorn) for all (Uranus’s universal energy). Yes, socialism. This age-groups Planetary alignments say its about time for that to be realized. And the latest private/public partnerships can start to bring that about. While it looks like our global US-based businesses are doing it for us, they are likely doing it globally as well. Rather than government getting some control of these companies, the companies are more likely getting more control of the government.

There are many story-lines that actually point to the same thing: transformation of authority and public structures (Saturn Conjunct Pluto).

Impacting all of this is Uranus in Taurus leveling the financial playing field. Uranus wants philanthropy and change in the use of our resources. And he and Pluto have been using the ‘virus’ as a means to bring these changes about.

Long story short, follow the Planets’ energies and everything will turn out just as it should. The only constant is change. If you buy into a story-line then rock it for all its worth! That’s what our Soul’s wanted in this human experience.

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