Mixed Cocktail of Clarity, Wounding & Magic – Apr 14/15

Tuesday, Apr 14, EST

Earlier this morning (Monday, Apr 13 as I write this post), the Moon in Capricorn began to Square Mercury, Chiron and BML in Aries. You may have had some intuition around initiating some actions to further your social status or career endeavors. In fact, at 8:am EST gig-workers, independent contractors and 1099 folks could begin applying to unemployment benefits in the US (as the Moon was also Trine to Uranus in Taurus).

At 7:07am the Sun at 24:57 Aries Squares Pluto at 24:57 Capricorn.

This is clarity around our goals for ‘self’ in relation to career/governmental and authority-type matters. How is Pluto transforming our public structures and how is that impacting our personal goals?

At 4:06pm Mercury at 5:56 Aries Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 5:56 Taurus.

Here we are seeing some new actions we can take to acquire necessary resources or to secure new revenue streams to sustain us.

At 6:56pm the Moon at 25:27 Capricorn Squares the Sun at 25:57 Aries creating the Waning Quarter Moon.

Just before the Square to the Sun, the Moon was Conjunct Pluto. This Quarter Moon is likely to feel very strong giving the involvement of Pluto and Jupiter (which the Moon will Conjunct shortly) and it will further sync our feelings with our new personal goals the Sun has been getting clear about through the Square to Pluto. Stimulus checks to each person may start hitting soon.

Wednesday, Apr 15, AM

At 1:02am Mercury at 6:34 Aries Conjuncts Chiron at 6:34 Aries.

Just after midnight on Sunday Mercury Squared the Nodes of Fate. When Chiron Squared the Nodes, the global pandemic really started to get up close and personal to each of us. Mercury rules the lungs and that is an area COVID-19 has been hitting hard. This week is likely the peak of it as Mercury Conjuncts Chiron. Words and actions can hurt today.

At 6:50am Mercury at 6:58 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 24:58 Capricorn.

This aspect occurs simultaneously with the one above and will mitigate the challenges. Transformation of our structures will work effortlessly with our personal actions and motivations.

At 6:59am the Sun at 25:56 Aries Squares Jupiter at 25:56 Capricorn.

Are personal motivations may be running counter to the global good. But we will have some clarity to help us navigate the higher road Jupiter is calling us to.

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    1. Well much of the latest planetary conjunctions have been occurring in Capricorn! So there’s a lot of energy focused there right now. And Aries too for the next week or so.

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