Watching For Mercury’s Ingress to Aries & Venus Enters Her Shadow – Apr 8/9

Before I get to today’s aspects I wanted to focus your attention on Mercury, which rules the lungs and respiratory system. Just after midnight on Saturday Mercury will Ingress Aries, the Sign of our ‘breath’ as in the first one you breathe when born (0:00 Aries). And the following few days will have Mercury Square the Nodes of Fate and then Conjunct Aries. We will be able to speak more effectively about what has really been occurring, but this is likely the ‘peak’ of what has been going on. Mercury leaving Pisces for Aries is a very noticeable shift. Where we were dissolving our plans, when he hits Aries, he will be speaking about a new cycle of information.

Wednesday, Apr 8, EST

At 1:24pm Mars at 6:11 Aquarius Sextile Chiron at 6:11 Aries.

This is helpful energy to our ability to initiate action and our willpower. Mars rules Chiron in Aries and we have occasionally been less motivated and unable to ‘act’ in our usual forthright manner in the area of our lives where we have 3-7 Aries by House placement. How will we initiate ourselves with groups right now? We will be motivated for online activities that allow us to assert ourselves in these times. We may actually experience some freedom by doing so.

At 6:34pm the Sun at 19:33 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 19:33 Pisces.

A minor aspect but one that can shed some light on Neptune’s hidden activities allowing us to achieve our personal goals.

At 8:58pm the Sun at 19:39 Aries Semi-Squares Venus at 4:30 Gemini.

Some irritation around our personal goals and our community’s desires for our actions. Or we may feel we need to take action because of a fear of lack at the moment. It will quickly pass, but look for the clarity here.

Thursday, Apr 9

At 2:33am the Sun at 19:52 Aries Quintiles the North Node at 1:52 Cancer.

Soulful clarity takes some effort to formulate, but your actions may prove what the North Node wants from you at the moment. ‘Stay home, stay safe’ is Cancer’s mantra. Cancer is security-conscious with or without a virus. Moms, which Cancer rules, often are the nurturers and protectors of the family by keeping them home. Still it will be effortless for a day or so to do so. And you may find yourself finding new goals for taking action around the home that you will keep even AFTER the virus passes over.

At 4:30pm Venus at 5:20 Gemini enters Phase 1 (Shadow Phase) of her upcoming Retrograde cycle.

Our desires, resources, beauty, values and Gemini issues (cars, local community/transportation, communication, siblings, neighbors, early childhood learning-K-12, neighbors) that we experience from now until May 13, when she Stations Retrograde at 21:50 Gemini, will be up for review or revision. Venus Retrogrades last for 40 days and 40 nights (another Biblical metaphor here-Passover above) where we are tested on what we really want. Look to see where you have Venus Retrograde in your chart by House to see where you will experience this energy.

NOTE: All of the Bible is mythology like Greek, Roman, Norse, Chinese legends. And through Astrology you can understand which energies they were referring to!! Except that now Hollywood has made 40 days/40 nights a cliche for going without sex.

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