Subconscious Irritation & Healing Words – Apr 6

Monday, Apr 6, EST

At 1:28am Mars at 4:27 Aquarius Semi-Squares Neptune at 19:27 Pisces.

Mars may be acting erratically at the moment, or at least in unexpected ways. But the irritating aspect with Neptune is going to mean his actions rub someone the wrong way. Or even ourselves. On Tuesday afternoon, Mars will Square Uranus and he is in orb of that right now. This brings into play the Semi-Square of Uranus to Neptune that has been in orb for over a year. There is some nagging fear around touch and available resources (Uranus in Taurus Semi-Square Neptune) and Mars wants to shake things up maybe ‘fix’ things by taking action. But what we pursue may not be what is actually needed or helpful. Make note of anything that can head off an accident by Tuesday afternoon.

At 5:01am Venus at 2:22 Gemini Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 2:22 Cancer.

A minor aspect but one that should offer some assistance with our local desires, our communication with family and necessary resources. Words can go a long ways towards healing someone’s anxiety or disquiet over staying home. Choose healing words that offer comfort.

On Tuesday we have the Mars Square to Uranus and the Full Moon at 18:44 Libra that exacts at 10:35pm EST.

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