How Are EACH of the Outer Planets playing a role in the Pandemic? – Apr 3

Where are the Major Planets now and what are they saying to us?

Jupiter is exacting his Conjunction to Pluto on Saturday night (10:45pm). They are trying to keep things positive after Saturn’s meet with Pluto (Jan 12) was so serious. Jupiter in Capricorn is the government being benevolent and with Pluto they equal ‘stimulus checks’ for those in the US (at least). They are both in a separating Quintile to Chiron which is a help to the individual.

Saturn is still on the first degree of Aquarius and restricting our usual socializing and gathering in groups. He has a complete lock down on big groups which Aquarius rules. But he is the father protecting all of us from contact that might spread this virus. He is in orb of a Square to Uranus (4 degrees+) but they won’t exact it this year. Still groups are our big ‘control’ area of life right now.

Neptune is in Pisces where he is still dissolving the cycle of the last 165 years and won’t be birthing a new one for several more years. He is still in orb of a Semi-Square to Uranus that is separating, but quite powerful. This aspect is adding to the fear of ‘touch’ (Uranus in Taurus) right now.

Chiron is in Aries bringing up insecurity and lack of motivation and is separating from a Square to the Nodes of Fate which brought out the severe beginning of the virus and the idea of self-protection and ‘stay home, stay safe.’ Aries rules the face and a sense of smell and our breath as in first breath of birth. A mask over your nose and sinuses is this domain.

Uranus is in Taurus and about and a degree of his last Retrograde Station so he is still dealing with some old ground, literally. But soon he will move into some new area and bring up new challenges and revelations around leveling out resources, sharing more and being more charitable, though he is part of this ‘stimulus check’ impetus as well as he separates from the Biseptiles with Jupiter and Pluto. Awareness of touch is a big part of his energy right now. Aries rules the mouth and so the mask is also part of this awareness here too. Women are sewing masks for healthcare workers and family.

The North Node is in Cancer keeping us all ‘safety/security’ conscious. Staying at home is a great way to rebuild some of the nuclear family traits that our Karmic lives depend on;) Without family issues, we would not have as much fertile ground for the 3D human experience… lol. But the North Node wants us to do it Soulfully and to place family above all else for the moment.

Friday, Apr 3, EST

At 12:11pm Mars at 2:41 Aquarius Quincunx the North Node at 2:41 Cancer.

Mars is just starting to get clear of Saturn and is moving to Square Uranus, but now he checks in with the North Node and makes his adjustment. Mars is chomping at the bit to get free, but the North Node says, ‘Stay home, stay safe’ and so he must adjust himself accordingly. You may find yourself with wifi problems or applying for assistance of some type and you see that you have to take your turn. Everyone is included in the family, so play your part.

At 1:10pm Venus Ingresses Gemini.

Communications are likely to pick up now with Venus in this Sign. She will enter her Shadow for her upcoming Retrograde cycle on Apr 9, but until then the desires and values she speaks about are not up for review. She will be talking about her desires with siblings, neighbors, within her local community. She will want to hit the road and reach out to touch someone. Available resources will be a hot topic for a while. Venus will Station Retrograde at 21:50 Gemini on May 13 and return to 5:20 Gemini on Jun 25 when she Stations Direct. She will not clear Gemini until Aug 7, so this is the primary topic for the start of the summer/winter depending on your hemisphere.

At 9:14pm Mercury at 19:22 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 19:22 Pisces.

We will find ourselves talking about things that Neptune has been dissolving in your lives: our plans, our ideas, our regular ways of commuting or traveling within our local community. Perhaps we will have some deep insight into how all of these things are morphing and what they might look like once Mercury Ingresses Aries on Apr 11.

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