Jupiter Conjunct Pluto – Apr 2-4

Over the next few days, we will be able to see exactly the storyline of this Conjunction. Many variations of it have already been tossed around in the media and via social networking. About a week ago, I wrote that Jupiter would bring the ‘cure’ and that YOU are the cure. That’s because if we stay in our Higher Minds, which Jupiter is one, then what we SEE is not scaring or alarming.

At 10:45pm on Saturday (Apr 4) Jupiter at 24:53 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 24:53 Capricorn.

This is the last Conjunction of the Stellium of Planets that have been Transiting Capricorn since Jan (except that Jupiter will meet Pluto 2 more times). Thankfully it brings the ‘hope’ to the situation before us. Though many of us have held that hope all along. Unlike Saturn and Mars, Jupiter will exact 3 Conjunctions with Pluto this year: Apr 4, Jun 30 and Nov 12. Saturn will Retrograde back to 25:20 Capricorn, just 25 minutes shy of Pluto’s Retrograde Station of 25:00 Capricorn on Apr 25. So the Jan 12 Conjunction with Saturn to Pluto was the only exact one. In some ways we should be thankful that Jupiter is making 3 passes to degrees where all these new cycles with Pluto began. We will be reviewing the new political and financial structuring that Saturn Conjunct Pluto mandated from the standpoint of Jupiter: global perspective, benevolent one, higher consciousness, spiritual/philosophical and optimistic perspectives.

Let’s look at what these 2 Planets rule to see the myriad of storylines that has been created:

You can literally draw lines, like a matching game, between these entities to see the various story lines you are ‘hearing’ or ‘thinking’.


  • Market speculation/ view of the future
  • Foreigners/Global events/ideas
  • Trade/ Trade treaties & agreements
  • Benevolence/optimism
  • Good Fortune/Abundance/ Expansion
  • Wisdom
  • Protagonist

Saturn/ Capricorn:

  • Father-like/Public Authorities
  • Bread-winning/ Providing for
  • Political/Governmental Systems
  • Karmic Fear – Control/ Restriction
  • Career/Social Status
  • Boundaries/ Borders/ Rules


  • Antagonist/ Shadow side
  • Transformation/ Death/ Destruction
  • Manipulation/ Transparency
  • Petroleum products/ underground/ hidden
  • Shared Resources/ Use of others’ money
  • Intensity/ Nuclear
  • Dominance/ Sovereignty

Add your own elements of the story here:

(as shown by House where you have these Planets Transiting)

Proactive measures are Jupiter because they give us a sense of optimism that we have things under control (Capricorn/Saturn). Trade agreements, trade treaties and export restrictions or new laws are all part of what is likely to come about over the next few days.

Public/Private partnerships in the government are part of this. Oil production was too expansive in light of the shut-down of industry and business. The ‘stay at home’ is now Saturn in Aquarius and the North Node in Cancer.

We can not take one aspect and put in a vacuum separate from all of the other Planetary energies. Uranus in Taurus is part of the universal changing around the use of resources and leveling the playing field. Though Jupiter and Pluto have created the ‘stimulus checks’.

Structures are still being transformed by the Public/Private partnerships, etc.

Though Pluto always seems the ‘bad guy’ or the ‘asshole’, his real purpose of showing us the shadow-side, repressed side of our own energy is to get us to take back our own sovereignty.

Will we throw off the shackles of fear sooner rather than later? It will be different for everyone. No one will DIE from COVID-19 that didn’t CHOOSE to at the Soul Level. Be free to live your life. But, of course, Saturn in Aquarius is the collective setting boundaries that we must conform to. So while you may be FREE via Jupiter Conjunct Pluto, you may still be observing Saturn’s energy of restricted socializing.

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