Neptune Biseptile the NN; Mars in Aquarius Conjunct Saturn – Mar 30/31

Monday, Mar 30, EST

At 8:30am Neptune at 19:13 Pisces is just Separating from a Biseptile to the True North Node at 2:45 Cancer.

We have been seeing a lot of Biseptiles with the Stellium in Capricorn to Uranus. This aspect though is deep and Soulful but it is easing some of the group Karmic fears as we move into more Soulful perspective. This is assisting us in realizing the ‘cure’ for the COVID-19 virus. Though the lockdown/stay at home energy is also part of this aspect as the True North Node has us doing home and family rather than being so public and working on our careers from home. But subconscious energy aligning with ‘mandate’ is helpful.

At 3:43pm Mars Ingresses Aquarius.

This is a big shift for Mars if it weren’t for the fact he is already in orb of a Conjunction to Saturn. Saturn rules Capricorn and has held our motivations/Mars in check for 6 weeks now. Moving into Aquarius would be like a breath of fresh/fixed air, but as he is applying to Saturn, the brakes are still on for a bit here. Saturn will at least prevent Mars from accidents that he and Uranus can create.

Tuesday, Mar 31

At 2:31pm Mars at 0:40 Aquarius Conjuncts Saturn at 0:40 Aquarius.

We want to socialize, but authorities are still saying to ‘stay in’ and are halting our urges. Mars in Aquarius wants change, but Saturn is the status quo. So for now, we are in much of the same energy for a few more days. But once he gets out of orb of Saturn (at least 90 min to 1 1/2 degrees) we will be acting on our motivation for more personal freedom and group activities. And will be more likely to throw caution to the wind. So reign it in as you need to in order to comply to Saturn establishing new social norms.

If someone is being reckless, this is the energy that is likely to stop them for a bit. Mars can bring infection when he hits a Planet like Saturn which rules the teeth, the skeletal structure or skin. So watch for any of that and see it as your body showing you the need to slow down. Its a “physical expression of an internal repression.” -me. If you don’t slow down, Mars in Aquarius Conjunct Saturn can create broken bones, but I think the Conjunction is so near to Capricorn that this is less likely. But heed the energy. Best not to challenge authority types either. They are feeling your need for freedom and want to reign it in.

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