Sun & Black Moon Lillith Quintile Pluto – Mar 26/27

Thursday, Mar 26, EST

At 8:01am Mercury at 8:41 PIsces Semi-Squares Jupiter at 23:41 Capricorn.

Mercury is moving through a Semi-Square to Jupiter and then Pluto today and tomorrow. We will be speaking about some of what the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction on Apr 4 might be about. But there is some subconscious irritation involved in our words today. Recognize any fear around what you are seeing or saying and try to let it go. That is easier with the Jupiter side of the energy. Allow him to help you shape a higher perspective around the situation and what authority-types are saying and doing.

At 5:00pm the Sun at 6:40 Aries Conjuncts Black Moon Lillith at 6:40 Aries.

In a few hours and then on Friday, the Sun and then BML will Quintile Pluto and their orb is so tight it will be nearly impossible to separate out the energy. So now is the time for some 5D clarity that will be applied to Pluto soon enough. There is effortless clarity and ability to see which actions to take. Our willpower is clear as we apply it to our goals. Use this energy to help you move forward and see Pluto’s transformative power rather than just destructive.

At 7:46pm the Sun at 6:47 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 24:47 Capricorn.

Here we can effortlessly align our actions and goals with those we are intimate with, share resources with or who have some position of power and authority. They will be using this 5D clarity to direct their own efforts and it can be magical how we each ACT on this new clarity around power and authority. At 3:00pm on Friday BML will make the same aspect to Pluto so the energy is still in effect for some time.

Friday, Mar 27, AM

At 7:42am Mercury at 9:47 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 24:47 Capricorn.

This may be the only drag to the 5D Quintile with Sun, BML and Pluto. The Semi-Square is a bit of a challenge. See if you can mind your own words and keep suspicion to a minimum. Authorities may be expressing something your lower mind hasn’t really caught up to yet. You may think it is just part of the old patterns in power that you have been dealing with for years. But there is a difference now so allow the expressions without using your lower mind to fight against it out of suspicion and recalling past situations. Move with the newer energies and let Pisces dissolve your old suspicions and fears.

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