The Exactness of Mars Conjunct Jupiter & Both Applying to Pluto – Mar 20

As Mars was separating from Jupiter this morning, I had some major insight into what all is transpiring here. It started a few days ago as I heard about the possible stimulus checks. But this is a huge paradigm when you step back and take in the ‘big picture’ Jupiter provides. The work environment has been quite tumultuous over the last few years especially. Remember, the Uranus/Pluto cycle began in Virgo. Since 2008 Pluto has been showing us the shadow side of our public authorities (government, banks, corporations). But now that Jupiter is applying to Pluto (and Mars ruler of the ‘self/individual’ has began a new cycle with Jupiter this morning), we are beginning to see a benevolent side of authority: taking care of the family and workers as they are asked to ‘stay home’ (North Node in Cancer) or work from home and government, corporations are going to provide for their needs.

It won’t take Bernie Sanders to be elected to see that, as history has shown, our ‘capitalistic’ system is going to become ‘socialistic’ overnight. And all because of a virus (Uranus in Taurus changing up the ways we ‘earn a living’). This is the ‘Dream’ (Uranus Conjunct Neptune in Capricorn) of those ‘Transformers’ who are now late 20-something. While all of these cycles are ‘killing the dream’ (Pluto Square Natal Neptune in Libra) of the Baby-Boomers. Soon our governmental system will no longer belong to the Baby-Boomers who ‘vote’ but will now be embraced and uplifted by the younger generations as they seek to level out all government (Capricorn) entitlements (Uranus/Pluto). For more insight into the Astrology began the ‘Era of the Transformers’ see my YouTube channel Playlist HERE. Vast, Transformational Change of this age group is upon us. The last 2 videos of my Playlist outlines this specifically.

When we are each getting the same amount of money from the government, the economic picture can quickly become more equal (Uranus’ desire in Taurus). And staying at home can put more natural structures in place for families (North Node in Cancer) that could go back to some of the Baby-Boomer ideals of the Cleavers where ‘mom’ stayed home to take care of the children and family. And this will ALL occur because the authorities are going to use preventive and benevolent solutions in place allowing the transfer to occur naturally. Will it really be so bad to see everyone getting an equal share? No, we are all going to be grateful (Jupiter) to see our shared resources (Pluto) applied equally (all those Biseptiles to Uranus over the last year and again this year). The Biseptile calls for spiritual accountability and is connected to group Karma so this is going to move us from a world fearful of each other (as a defining moment around 9/11 (with Saturn in Gemini Opposite Pluto in Sagittarius) to being supportive of each other and creating communal living (Uranus/Aquarius-style).

Just wanted to express what is occurring right now! I try not to write about aspects too far in advance because our Mercury mind would restrict the nuances that can only be felt as aspects near exactness or are separating.

With someone who’s Midheaven is in Aquarius, I know this energy quite well. I have 4 Planets in Capricorn and always wanted to move up the ladder, but when I encountered business people who would try to bribe me to do something for my own benefit and that might not be good for the collective, I found it easy to walk away from shitloads of money. Its going to be interesting, but I know that Pluto’s Transit through Capricorn has made many of us more than ready for change (Uranus-style). And won’t it be good to bring some stability back to ‘families’ rather than everyone chasing the money? How would it feel to relax your grip on your ‘job’ because of worry about paying bills? Can you see how easy this is going to be for many? But as a Scorpio Sun, Sagittarius is my natural 2nd House of earned income and available resources, too. I have never had more worry about how to acquire even when I was without a job. When the North Node last Transited through Sagittarius I would practice going to zero dollars in my pocket everyday KNOWING that the Universe abhors a vacuum and it would be filled. And DAMN if it wasn’t! I haven’t had a lot in years, but I have ALWAYS had what I needed.

My favorite Ancient Chinese quote is: “God (Neptune) gave teeth; He will give bread.” If you don’t know how you got your teeth, why do you worry about how you will eat? Feel the love that is available in knowing our ‘father-like authorities’ have our back. When we can look up to authority again, they will also rise to the occasion and be worthy. It is a natural cycle of the Universe to correct what has gotten extreme. This is the timing of the Planets right now. And they are completely free of any political bias.

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