Spring Equinox & Expanding Infection &/or Motivated Leadership – Mar 19-25

On Thursday, with the Nodes of Fates’ aspect to Uranus, we are launched into a weekend of unprecedented new structures being put into place. Many we already know about or see coming, but the exact aspects will bring it all forward into our reality.

Thursday, Mar 19, EST

At 5:43pm Uranus at 4:32 Taurus Sextiles the North Node at 4:32 Cancer.

This aspect has been building for over a week now, in earnest. How does our change in personal resources and values affect our home/career axis? Can we afford to stay home right now due to the other aspects bringing us the new boundaries around the global pandemic (Capricorn rules boundaries)? Which do we value more: home/family or career? Can we put aside some career goals to find new ways of acquiring what we need to keep the family safe?

At 7:50pm the Sun at 29:50 Pisces Sextiles Saturn at 29:50 Capricorn.

Our subconscious goals, which we are just getting to see very clearly, are working productively with the new boundaries being set by authorities. Can we move through this energy and keep our wits about our goals as we move through it all?

At 11:50pm the Sun Ingresses Aries creating the Spring Equinox.

The chart created as the Sun reaches the very first breath/degree of Aries, will be with us for the next 90 days of the Spring Season. Look to the chart to see how it hits your personally as this will be showing us how to manage our own lives through this new season.

Scorpio is the ASC so we will be dealing with some shared resource issues (in many timezones). Sun is still in orb of a Sextile to Saturn, which can’t hurt.

Friday, Mar 20

At 7:35am Mars at 22:49 Capricorn Conjuncts Jupiter at 22:49

These 2 Planets are meeting just 2 minutes from the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of Jan 12 at 22:47 degrees! These Conjunctions, that create a new cycle, also activate the degree of the Conjunction like an Eclipse does. So now instead of financial restructuring or destruction, we have bigger things NOW. But the downside of this, in light of the pandemic virus, is that Mars rules infection and Jupiter expands it. This would be the ‘outbreak’ stage of things. Though it is also these 2 Planets creating a new cycle on the same degree as Saturn and Pluto so it is likely to be all about this expansion for the next few years (rather than Mars’ usual 18 month cycle) because Mars will Station Retrograde in his own Sign of Aries on Sep 9 at 28:08 Aries and return to 15:14 Aries providing us with 3 passes of Mars Square today’s degree of Conjunction. As well as Mars Square Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto 3 times! Mars are harder than Conjunctions. So when they are looking at peak periods, these Mars Squares are quite acute times. But I need to slow down a minute because Mars still needs to Conjunct Pluto (Mar 23) and Saturn (Mar 30)!

So this next week is critical to seeing how things are going to go.

At 4:52pm Mars at 23:05 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 5:05 Chiron.

This is their Closing Square in there current cycle. So when Mars Ingresses Aries, he will begin to apply to Chiron creating a new cycle. Today our motivations will be effortless in moving through any wounding pain. Mars rules Chiron in Aries so it is all about overcoming insecurity and lack of motivation. And today is the day we can rise above those issues and ACT. Though it may be hard to detect this window as Mars straddles Jupiter and Pluto.

Mar will Conjunct Pluto on Mar 23, but this very tight Stellium of Mars, Jupiter and Pluto right now is going to add up to some pretty BIG challenges:

Expanding (Jupiter) infection (Mars) = death/transformation (Pluto) of our current structures (Capricorn).


Motivated (Mars) leadership (Jupiter) with great integrity (Pluto) to manage things (Capricorn).

You will FEEL these energies, but it is your RESPONSE to them that determines how it REALLY feels to you. In 5D awareness, I don’t ‘predict your future’ (future is a 3D construct), but rather help you detect the Planetary energies and their purpose in your life so you can ACCEPT the experience and know what is occurring. If you want to manage the energies better, a Reading is very helpful in doing so.

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