Catching Up With the Energies – Mar 14-16

Saturday, Mar 14, EST

At 6:32am Mars at 18:37 Capricorn Sextiled Neptune at 18:37 Pisces.

Some motivation to sleep or act depending on how it hit your chart. But Mars gets a productive nod from Neptune as he heads into his Conjunction with Jupiter and then Pluto, which can’t help but be a useful energy.

At 12:47pm the Sun at 24:34 Pisces Sextiled Pluto at 24:37 Capricorn.

Some subconscious clarity around the transformative energies at work right now.

Sunday, Mar 15

At 1:50am Mercury at 29:27 Aquarius Semi-Sextiled Saturn at 29:27 Capricorn.

Both of these Planets are in the critical (or Anaretic) degree of the Signs they are Transiting. Some unexpected communication with an authority type could have been possible. Saturn will have a Sextile from the Sun on Thur (Mar 19) before Saturn Ingresses Aquarius on Mar 21.

Monday, Mar 16

At 3:42am Mercury Ingresses Pisces… again.

This could certainly bring up more subconscious fears around all of the global pandemic situation. But it will eventually dissolve some of those fears so they can be replaced with a new spiritual pathway to move forward on once Mercury Ingresses Aries on Apr 11.

At 4:21am Mercury at 0:01 Pisces Quintiles Venus at 12:01 Taurus.

This is some hidden communication of our desires or some ideas of how to acquire resources. But something is effortless here and you may be hearing from a 5D relating-ship mirror. Play with it and tell them your desires to see them manifest before you.

At 5:34am the Moon at 26:16 Sagittarius Squares the Sun at 26:26 Pisces.

This is the Closing Square the other monthly Sun/Moon cycle. We are halfway between the Full Moon in Virgo, which brought externalized subconscious fears around health, work and service regarding the Coronavirus. As the Moon is now in optimistic Sagittarius, there could be some spiritual intuition on how to set goals for the next week leading to the Aries New Moon at 4:12 Aries on Mar 24.

From Monday until Thursday at 5:43pm Uranus in Taurus will be applying in a Sextile to the North Node in Cancer and a Trine to the South Node in Capricorn. Perhaps there is some revelation to move us out of the Square of the Nodes to Chiron, Black Moon Lillith and Pisces which dominated last week.

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