The Making of a Global Pandemic – Mar 13-Apr 4

Mar 13 – Last night (Friday, EST) at 11:53pm the North Node at 4:42 Cancer Squared Chiron at 4:42 Aries.

If you are looking at telecommuting now in light of the Coronavirus, this aspect is probably largely to blame over the last week. The North Node is in Cancer, the Sign of mom and nurturing. That puts the South Node in Capricorn, the Sign of public persona, career and bread-winning. Chiron in Aries, shows our ‘drain’ or energy or where we are letting go. Chiron Conjunct Black Moon Lillith and as of last night Psyche too, is putting self first as we may feel ‘wounded’ by relating to others (Libra across the axis). Chiron in Aries has been created a ‘lack of motivation’ and what better way to express this than to stay ‘home’ (NN) in our jammies. Chiron is also creating a ‘fear’ of others which is a form of Separation Consciousness.

Mar 19 – At 5:43pm Uranus at 4:32 Taurus Sextiles the North Node at 4:32 Cancer.

But Chiron has been aided in this by Uranus in Taurus. And Uranus will exact his Sextile to the North Node and Trine to the South Node on Monday at 4:32 Taurus/Cancer/Capricorn respectively. Taurus rules ‘touch’ and earned income and acquiring of resources. Uranus rules ‘awareness, change, shock, unexpected, electrical things and WiFi/online stuff. So with an awareness of ‘touch’ we now have the new ability to acquire our resources from the comfort of our home (NN in Cancer)! Any ‘fear of touch’ should quickly be changed into a more philanthropic and charitable example of our Soulful revelations (Uranus Semi-Sextile Chiron, Black Moon Lillith and Psyche).

Mar 20 – at 7:35pm Mars at 22:49 Capricorn Conjuncts Jupiter at 22:49 Capricorn.

They are both now in tight orb to Pluto that it can be hard to tell how this aspect is separate. But we add all the energies together to see what is the result.

Capricorn rules bread-winning, the father that puts structures in place for the family, career, authority and power. Jupiter’s Transit through Capricorn has been about bringing new leadership styles and that is being more evident each day. Google is establishing a ‘fund’ to pay their contractor and part-time employees for sick leave. Rather than throwing it back to the government to provide for their workers, corporations are doing the ‘right’ thing as Jupiter would prove of. Jupiter is benevolence and in tribal cultures, their leader or chief was the ‘Benevolent’ One. Now we are seeing the coldness of corporate authorities being truly ‘father-like’ and providing for their families. Google is not alone. Walmart and others are doing exactly the same.

Mars is enthusiasm and action and rules ‘male energy’. Mars will expand Jupiter’s benevolence and our actions will be broad and all-encompassing in Jupiter-style. Mars also rules INFECTION and once he gets this close to Jupiter we are likely to see more outbreaks. Of course, it requires Jupiter or Sagittarius to make it a ‘global’ pandemic of which is already is. Now a ‘virus’ is totally a 3D, Separation Consciousness, thing. But all things can work their perfect work as well. There will be benevolent outcomes to our authority structures as a result. Rather than facing a market collapse (Jupiter rules speculation and market status), they are taking a risk to hold themselves together. Like I wrote in my novel, Binary Fusion and the Millennium Bug, once the ‘threat’ is globalized, then compassion is the only possible outcome. Compassion is: no fear, unconditional love, coherent emotion, and non-judgment. The premise behind my novel was that compassion creates an electrical field (Uranus) that solves all fear and end-time scenarios. It is the path from 3D to 5D. To watch things in a detached way and trust they will self-correct.

Mar 21 – Saturn Ingresses Aquarius at 11:58pm.

This is followed by Saturn’s Ingression into Aquarius at 11:58pm on Mar 21. This is literally ‘restriction’ (Saturn) of socializing (Uranus). Initiating career structures (Saturn) via telecommuting (Uranus). This is also crowd (Uranus rules groups) control (Saturn). Or control of our intermingling. In 3D Saturn can bring in the Karmic fear to all of these areas of our lives: change, social network, universal things, personal freedom, charity, etc. Its going to be 2.5 years of people leaving social media and surrendering freedoms in order to establish more boundaries (Saturn) of group behavior. The ‘status quo’ (Saturn) of your life is changing (Uranus/Aquarius). OR, it can be authority-types and authority systems (governments, banks, corporations) being more philanthropic and taking care of their human capital.

Mar 23 – At 1:20am Mars at 24:43 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 24:43 Capricorn.

There can be a clash of wills here both Personal in your own life and on the public stage as well. INFECTION meets TRANSFORMATION. We will have our fear transformed into initiating structures to support the ill. That would be the best use of this energy. Anything else is pure selfish (Mars) greed (Pluto). But no judgment, right?! It IS the energy. Are you going to demand someone share their money with you? Or demand your money from someone who owes you? Or are you going to initiate the sharing yourself?

Mars will still be bathed in the benevolence of Jupiter and Jupiter is applying to Pluto and in Quintile to Chiron today so you are likely going to initiate sharing your structures with another or others.

Mar 31 – At 2:31pm Mars at 0:40 Aquarius Conjuncts Saturn at 0:40 Aquarius.

Let the quarantines begin? Maybe. Mars will bring more forceful action to the changes to the status quo around our socializing and moving about freely. Though this can also have a higher expression as more people take action to initiate structures for groups of people.

Apr 4 – At 10:45pm Jupiter at 24:53 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 24:53 Capricorn.

This is really a biggie in the situation. Jupiter was in Capricorn, but out of orb of Pluto’s Ingression into Capricorn in late 2018. So this is the 2 Planets’ first Cycle from Capricorn. We have waited 12 long years for the fortunate side of Pluto in Capricorn to be seen. Now is that time. They will meet 2 more times this year as well: Jun 30 and Nov 12. But then our public authorities and careers will have been transformed to be more humanistic and less dollar-driven. To be more benevolent and less authoritative. And to be more global in some ways as our corporations have become. So embrace the ‘virus’ for the change in perspective it will provide us.

On Dec 21, Jupiter will Conjunct Saturn at 0:29 Aquarius in what is called the ‘Great Conjunction’ as it involves BOTH Interpersonal Planets.

This will be the dawning of a new age of Personal and Group Interaction that will be like a Renaissance of thought in how we relate to each other.

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