North Node Square Chiron/BML & Sextile Uranus and Quadranoviles Pluto – Mar 10-13

Its pretty quiet through the week if you don’t count the rather significant Soulful energy exacting all week long: the Nodes of Fate aspect Chiron, BML and Uranus. You really couldn’t get much more significant Soul Awareness kind of energy! Unless you consider that Neptune is separating from a Tridecile (quasi magical mental growth unfolding to the North Node and Pluto is actually in a Quadranovile (9th Harmonic, Soulful aspect of alternative possibilities) to the North Node as well. And the Sun will be Biseptile the North Node on Wednesday. A very important message is coming through around mom, home, family, land, hometown and emotional roots (North Node in Cancer).

If you take into account BOTH the Mean and True North Nodes, the above aspects are in play for a bit longer, but strongest this week and carrying over into the next week.

Mars, Jupiter and Pluto are tightening their Conjunction at the same time adding super-charged intensity to situations around money, power and politics.

From now until late Friday night, there is only one aspect on Wednesday when the Sun at 21:24 Pisces Sextiles Jupiter at 21:24 Capricorn. Its a nice aspect for subconscious good fortune and goal-setting.

But the bigger picture of all the aspects involving the Nodes of Fate (Mean and True, North and South) is something we all must take time to FEEL our way through to get the full effect of its meaning, purpose and awareness.

Thankfully Mercury is now Direct and not as likely to trip up our conscious mind as these Soulful aspects stir us to be more nurturing, more Soulful and 5D in our awareness of all that is mom vs. dad, nurturing vs. discipline, comfort vs. structure, home vs. career, family vs. politics focused.

Chiron and BML are making our home and career issues very self-oriented with the Square from the Nodes of Fate. Uranus is helping us to find the resources necessary for our families as we let go of some career or public areas of our lives. Pluto is offering unexpected shared financial opportunities that might just take us in a new direction.

On Friday night (Mar 13) at 11:53pm EST the True North Node at 4:42 Cancer Squares Chiron at 4:42 Aries.

This is hardly the most important moment of this various aspects at play so I don’t want to focus on something so Soulful and try to reduce it to a moment in time this narrow. Watch all week for the interplay of these aspects to see where they are taking you and your family in light of our public authorities, politicians and foreign entities (Jupiter) by next week.

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