Full Moon in Virgo, CDC’s Natal Chart & Mercury Direct – Mar 9

As I write this we are still moving through Sunday’s aspects which end with the Sun Semi-Square Chiron at 11:40pm.

Monday, Mar 9, EST

At 12:15am Venus at 4:24 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 4:24 Aries.

Venus exacted the same aspect to BML yesterday at 2:50pm. It may be hard to detect any real difference between the aspect, but BML Conjunct Chiron takes any wounding, insecurity and lack of motivation out of the pain and into action. So here Venus is working productively with the wounding of Chiron as she is slipping away from Neptune as well. We may be better able to ‘touch’ each other today. And to heal around our beauty and resources using the Sun’s clarity in aspect to both Neptune and Chiron.

At 1:48pm the Moon at 19:37 Virgo Opposes the Sun at 19:37 Pisces creating the annual Full Moon in Virgo.

We can clearly discern how we feel about our health, fitness, work, service and duty today. Our goals are in the subconscious realm so we need to SEE what we are manifesting around Virgo areas of life to understand where we are with our subconscious fears/connection. The Full Moon is the midpoint between the preceding and succeeding New Moons. The New Moon in Pisces began on Feb 23 at 4:29 Pisces. The last 2 weeks have seen us dealing with our hidden, subconscious goals and feelings. As the New Moon reaches climax, there is NO DOUBT that any lingering fears around health, fitness, work, service and duty will manifest to show us what we need to work on over the next 2 weeks. If you find yourself suddenly sick, check your Higher-Mind Planetary energies to remember that you can move through this regardless of the symptoms. This is the time of year where we can handle our fears as the Sun starts to shine more and Spring in on its way offering relief from colds and flus. So use the clarity, and the sunshine, to make yourself more ‘immune’ to subconscious fears of contagion.

As a Scorpio Sun with a 10th House wounding and Capricorn (which rules the 10th House) as the Sign of my 3rd House/conscious mind by Sun Sign, I KNOW what the 3D response to the next 2 weeks is likely to entail. BUT we can also use BML Conjunct Chiron to MOVE more and to handle some of our 3D wounding.

As promised, lets look at the CDC’s (Center for Disease Prevention and Control) Natal Chart:

Founded Jul 1, 1946, Atlanta, GA – Center for Disease Prevention and Control… emphasis on CONTROL;0

As a Cancer Sun, this organization is security-conscious as a way of nurturing. They ‘partner’ (7th House) with government authorities to set the Capricornian/Saturn boundaries to prevent the spread of viruses. But with Saturn in their Natal 1st House, they themselves feel they have the authority to set necessary boundaries within the homeland as well. Their BML is in Sagittarius, their 6th House of health and hygiene! They are the ‘hypochondriacs’ who are actually protecting their own vulnerabilities to YOUR cold, flu, virus, etc. In Sagittarius, BML can take their 6th House ‘permeability to diseases’ onto the GLOBAL scene or coming from foreign shores. BML in the 6th House can make them efficient optimizers in enacting their boundaries and ‘laws’.

Monday’s Full Moon in Virgo SQUARES (Karmic) their Uranus in Gemini and Nodes of Fate across the axis of Gemini (local, small town) and Sagittarius (global, cities). Health is going to challenge TRAVEL (Gemini/Sagittarius).

But the Mars/Jupiter Conjunction exacting on Mar 20 at 22:49 Capricorn (the same degree of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of Jan 10) will be the expanded motivation for control and authority over matters of ‘infection’ (Mars).

On Mar 21 Saturn will Ingress Aquarius and it will be all about ‘control (Saturn) of the masses (Uranus) that will be at play. The US is a Cancer Sign as well and Saturn is likely to begin restricting things around loans and debts and entitlements.

Right after Mars’ Conjuncts Jupiter, he will meet with Pluto on Mar 23 at 24:43 Capricorn. This kind of aspect is quite confrontational or ‘warlike’ and can create conflicts. And something around our ‘shared resources’ is at play.

But then Mars will Oppose the CDC’s Saturn at 25:54 Cancer and this will put a stop to some of the motivations for control OR they will seek to contain and control the ‘virus’. We are all hearing about this via Mercury, but with Capricorn as my 3rd House and a Capricornian-style wounding around authority, my Mercury mind has looked at all of the ‘end-game’ scenarios and come to the 5D awareness that I have today.

Pluto will Station Retrograde at 25:00 Capricorn in close Opposition to the CDC’s Saturn. But it won’t exact so we are likely to hear more about this Coronavirus in the Fall and Winter when Flu season returns again to the Northern Hemisphere.

Viruses and contagions could NOT be MORE 3D…. they ARE Separation Consciousness. Which in 5D we know not to be ‘real’. Though the energy IS real. But ‘killing’ you is optional;) Don’t beat yourself up if you feel ‘sick’ or worried. Consult your Chart to see WHY (or order a Phone Reading and set your Donation as you are able) you are feeling this way? The Full Moon is going to increase the emotional response to the other Planetary energies. Don’t buy into the 3D madness, but do enjoy the circus of it all as that is the experience our Souls’ have asked for!

I am scheduled for “Total Hip Replacement” Surgery on Mar 24 so am following the energies to prepare for it. That is all. I had 2 Traumatic injuries at the Aug 2017 Eclipses which sit a Soulful T-Square in my chart. Then Pluto and Saturn both Opposed my Mars and BML Conjunct in my 9th House. Now Jupiter is straddling an Opposition to my Mars and BML and Transiting Mars, which rules surgery, will be Opposing them both between now and Mar 20. So surgery is the resulting experience of a ‘destroyed’ (Pluto) hip (9th House).

At 7:43pm Venus at 5:16 Taurus Sextiles the True North Node at 5:16 Cancer.

This is a helpful aspect that allows us to still offer our healing touch, resources or home and nurturing to someone. Viruses don’t matter for the moment as we enjoy this Trine Venus makes to the South Node in Capricorn. Even authority-types and see the need to be loving and sharing with the available resources of their own or the government or corporations.

At 11:49pm Mercury at 28:13 Aquarius Stations Direct.

Mercury first crossed this degree and minute on Feb 2. See how things spoken, written and presented in writing at that time have been revised and changed. Now is a good time to file those taxes and to finalize your plans with groups, write your FB, Instagram or Twitter posts.

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