Mercury Rx & Venus Ingressions – Mar 4

On Tuesday night Chiron and Black Moon Lillith met at 4:07 Aries in Square to the Dec 26 Solar Eclipse degree of 4:07 Capricorn. Today they will begin applying to a Square to the True North Node in Cancer. But they are already Square the Mean North Node at 4:53 Cancer by the time Mercury Rx Ingresses Aquarius. There is a lot of focus on Chiron and BML. On Tuesday I had more phone calls for Readings than I’ve ever had in one day before. BML and Chiron were Semi-Sextile to Uranus as well. Soul Awareness was on tap and triggering many to reach out for awareness.

Wednesday, Mar 4, EST

By day’s end on Wednesday Jupiter is nearing a Bi-Septile to Uranus. This may be a very fortunate aspect of unexpected good fortune that is coming our way. It is tied to our group Karma and may be helpful in dealing with the approaching ‘expanding infection’ of Mars Conjunct Jupiter. I will write about the Corona Virus scare soon. Not to scare you, but to help you see how interesting the Planetary cycles are bringing it up at this time.

At 6:07am Mercury Rx Ingresses Aquarius.

The energy shifts around our communications and plans from the place where we are all connected (Pisces) to the place that governs universal ideas, change, awareness and out-of-the-box thinking and revelation. Mercury is returning to 28:13 Aquarius where he will Station Direct on Mar 9 at 11:49pm. What has been deep and maybe even confusing will now be inspired to change as part of Mercury wrapping up his Retrograde Phase.

At 8:18am the Moon at 4:52 Cancer Conjuncts the Mean North Node at 4:52 Cancer.

Prior to this aspect the Moon Squared Chiron and BML. The Moon will move to Conjunct the True North Node and then begin to Oppose the Capricorn Stellium over the next 2 days. This can be a very illuminating time around your nurturing feelings and use of power.

At 4:24pm Mercury Rx at 29:44 Aquarius Sextiles Venus at 29:44 Aries.

Mercury’s first aspect is a productive one to Venus. Mercury in Uranus’ Sign of Aquarius is inspired and electrifying his desires. Venus wants to pursue her passionate desires and Mercury is suggesting all might be a go if she just jumps in quickly via the awareness of the moment.

At 10:07pm Venus Ingresses Taurus.

From initiating energy to Fixed Earth of the Sign she rules, Venus is now far less passionate. She is bathing in sensuality that is soothing and not as passionate. She wants what she wants but is willing to wait until it comes to her. She will rely on her own ability to attract what she needs.

At 11:55pm the Sun at 15:05 Pisces Semi-Squares Venus at 0:05 Taurus.

There is some subconscious hesitation around her desires tonight. But the Sun is offering clarity to help her use her attractiveness more effectively if she learns from the irritation of this aspect.

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