Jupiter Sextiles Neptune – Feb 19/20

Wednesday, Feb 19, EST

At 2:50pm the Moon at 17:36 Capricorn Conjuncts Jupiter at 17:36 Capricorn.

Expansive feelings and intuition around our career objectives, leadership styles and big picture authority. The Moon will Sextile Neptune shortly after offering us a glimpse of the Jupiter/Neptune Sextile that exacts on Thursday.

At 6:31pm Mercury Rx at 12:09 Pisces Semi-Squares Saturn at 27:09 Capricorn.

Last Wednesday (Feb 12) Mercury made this same aspect to Saturn before his Retrograde Station. Now he is revising something that was spoken or a direction given from an authority figure. There is some irritation that may ruffle our feathers a bit, but its good that this issue is being revised as we attempt to firm up our career plans.

Thursday, Feb 20

At 3:07am the Moon at 24:00 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 24:00 Capricorn.

Pluto just reached 24:00 degrees and is in new territory as he only reached 23:09 Capricorn last April before Stationing Retrograde. The Moon will help us to see how we feel about shared resources or someone’s use or misuse of authority.

At 9:18am the Moon at 27:13 Capricorn Conjuncts Saturn at 27:13 Capricorn.

What intuition are you receiving around your debt consolidation or restricted shared resources?

At 10:56am Jupiter at 17:45 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 17:45 Pisces.

This is 2 Higher-Mind Planets in a productive aspect. When Jupiter and Neptune are in a hard aspect, we can be overwhelmed by the confusion of it all and seek a means of escape. But here we have them working together successfully and we can be thankful for that. Jupiter is sitting where Saturn was in Sextile to Neptune throughout 2019. Where Saturn restricts or creates a bit of Karmic reverb, Jupiter brings optimism and forgiveness. Take the high road of any dealings around your social status, career or position of authority. It will serve you well and may have people see you as a benevolent leader and someone who has their best interests at heart.

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