Moon in Capricorn & Sun in Pisces – Feb 18

At 5:35am EST on Tuesday, Feb 18, the Moon Ingresses Capricorn and will begin applying to the Stellium in that Sign: Mars, South Node, Pallas Athena, Pluto and Saturn. Our intuition will offer us some intuition into what is going on with our career, public reputation and social status and how we feel about it all.

At 8:15am the Moon at 1:25 Capricorn Conjuncts Mars at 1:25 Capricorn.

How have your motivations changed since Mars Ingressed Capricorn? What can you intuit about your new motivations?

At 12:12pm Mercury Rx (Retrograde) at 12:39 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Venus at 12:39 Aries.

A minor aspect around our personal desires and our collective unconscious mind. Mercury is in review mode, so you may be revising some plans today that are a revision of plans made over the weekend. These plans will sync with your new desires.

At 7:10pm the Moon at 7:15 Capricorn Opposes the North Node at 7:15 Cancer.

How do your feelings about your career need to be balanced with home and family matters? Are you feeling like you need to let go of some social status in order to be more family-like? The Moon rules Cancer and therefore the NN there. Can boundaries and discipline create a better family unit?

At 11:57pm the Sun Ingresses Pisces.

On Feb 25, the Sun will Conjunct Mercury Rx at 6:55 Pisces at what is called their ‘Inferior Conjunction’ (as Mercury is Rx). So between now and then the Sun will be bringing us some clarity around plans that Mercury made on his 1st pass through early Pisces and help us to see what needs to be revised. Pisces can be confusing, but the Sun offers much-needed clarity to navigate these deep waters and see things clearly in spite of the fog. In Pisces, the Sun will be dissolving some old goals and purpose and setting us onto new ones.

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