Uranus Semi-Sextiles Chiron Conjunct Black Moon Lillith – Feb 13-15

Thursday, Feb 13, EST

At 8:13pm Venus at 7:16 Aries Squares the North Node at 7:16 Cancer.

This aspect puts our personal desires and motivations in the balance between home and career needs. Venus rules Libra and usually wants a reciprocal type of ‘relating-ship’, but in Aries, Venus is more independent and self-motivated. She knows she can obtain the necessary resources based on her own actions and willpower. But how can this put our ideas of nurturing (Cancer) and bread-winning (Capricorn) at odds somehow? We each have this aspect hitting other areas of our lives at the same time so you need to look at the other Houses involved. Venus is acting on her new motivations and here she needs to determine if her actions are supporting family and/or career goals at the same time. We can go for the ‘get rich quick’ scheme here but we should be looking at how that might imperil our other responsibilities. Women may be putting the moves on men or just pursuing their own passions, but again there is more to be taken into account.

Saturday, Feb 15

At 12:43am Venus at 8:38 Aries Quintiles Saturn at 26:38 Capricorn.

This is much nicer energy for Venus now. Here acting on her desires is working magically to satisfy any authorities she must report to or to meet her own career objectives. Responsibility is well-delineated and she can continue to pursue her passion and quest for acquisition of material goods and resources.

At 12:43am the Sun at 26:00 Aquarius Conjuncts Damocles at 26:00 Aquarius.

Damocles is an interesting Asteroid that represent our point of high anxiety. He spends 37+ years of his 40-41 year orbit in Aquarius. He ‘crosses’ the orbits of Mars and Uranus which portends to his ‘accidental’ or anxious nature. The story of Damocles from mythology is of a swords hanging over our heads. On my Damocles Return (before I knew he existed) I had a very exact experience to the one Damocles had. Most of us have some high anxiety around all things Aquarius: independence, freedom, social network, groups, electricity and currency, saving the world, universal goodwill, collective and communal ideas, etc. It is possible that you might have some clarity around Damocles role today. More likely if you have a Planet or Point in aspect to 26 degrees Aquarius.

At 11:03am Uranus at 3:11 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 3:11 Aries.

As these 2 Planets exact, Black Moon Lillith is within a one degree orb of a Conjunction with Chiron so we have some very powerful energy in this minor aspect. This is not the first Semi-Sextile of Uranus and Chiron. In fact, it is their Jan 19 at 28:40 Aries/Pisces; Jul 1 at 5:55 Taurus/Aries and today. Both Uranus and Chiron Ingressed Taurus and Aries, respectively, for the first time in the Spring of 2018. They both Retrograded back to Aries/Pisces and on Nov 6, 2018 Uranus Ingressed Taurus for the final time while exacting a Square to the Nodes of Fate at 0:00 Leo just before the Nodes Ingressed Cancer.

These 2 Planets have been in orb of a Semi-Sextile most of the last 2+ years. So their exacting this aspect may not really bring out the exact message. Rather they have been working jointly in creating something productive between our changing resources and our lack of motivation or insecurity. BML Conjuncting Chiron during this Semi-Sextile is a bit of a wild card. BML in Aries creates 5D actions and magical physical abilities. But Conjunct Chiron it could go either way. You will have to see how it feels for you to determine what this Soulful, revelatory insight means for you.

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