Mercury Changes Plans, Venus Meets Neptune & Black Moon Lillith Enters Aries – Jan 26/27

Since Thursday, Mercury has aspected Jupiter, Venus, the North Node and Mars. Today he will aspect Neptune and Chiron. There has been a lot said about any ‘change of plans’ that Mercury in Aquarius is bringing about.

Sunday, Jan 26, EST

At 8:09am Mercury at 16:55 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 16:55 Pisces.

Mercury in Aquarius is bathed in the Higher-Mind energy of Uranus and now he is aspecting Neptune. He can’t get much Higher-Minded than that… unless you have Mercury Transiting your 9th House right now;) Whatever gets said today expresses changes you are planning around your hopes, wishes and dreams and even what you will be allowing to leave your life in order to make room for these new inspirations.

At 10:50am Mercury at 17:19 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 2:19 Aries.

This could be a bit of a sting as some insecurity may creep into your words causing you to wonder if you can actually realize your dreams. But you will have the benefit of some Soul Awareness here and will see how to keep your plans better in line with the universal good as well.

At 8:37pm Venus at 16:02 Pisces Squares Mars at 16:02 Sagittarius.

Men (or our own ‘male’ energy) are being generous and kind. Women (or our own ‘female’ energy) are hesitating about reaching out to touch someone. Perhaps our actions will challenge us to rise above some subconscious fear and all will go well. Or you may find you want to be a generous giver, but you are a bit worried about your own financial solvency. Work through the challenge by realizing any fear that is holding you back from acting on your new spiritual philosophy.

Monday, Jan 27

At 3:00am Black Moon Lillith Ingresses Aries.

Crowd of people wearing masks against air pollution

That means BML will be leaving Pisces for the next 7+ years. We can all likely breathe a sigh of relief as we have each been more permeable to other people’s negative, fearful or nervous energies. Aries will be especially relieved! And Taurus will be the ones with the challenge of having BML in a 12th House Transit. But BML in Aries should make us all feel a bit more like taking action and being active. But for the first few months (of 8-month Transit), BML will be Conjunct Chiron which can be inhibiting our motivation. BML spends about a week at each degree of the Zodiac Wheel so it won’t be long before BML catches up to Chiron and we get to feel what their combined energies, in Aries, will create for us. As a Scorpio, Aries is my 6th House of health and daily activities. Things have slowed to a crawl in my daily grind. LOL. But now with BML in the 6th House, we can contend with being permeable to everyone’s health issues. So if BML is in your 6th House right now, be mindful that you DO NOT have to get sick just because someone else is…. though you may feel it coming on regardless.

At 3:00pm Venus at 16:57 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 16:57 Pisces.

This aspect ends their current cycle and begins a new annual cycle. Venus will Retrograde during this cycle and make 3 Opening Squares to Neptune: May 3, May 20 and Jul 27. Whatever values you are dissolving and beginning anew, or your financial picture at this point in time, may be challenged from May to Jul so take note. Neptune will be leaving 16+ Pisces for good as he will only return to 18:10 during this year’s Rx cycle. So this may mean that what happens today is more about an ending of values and financial situations and the upcoming Squares may challenge your new values and ways of acquiring resources or earning a living.

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