New Moon at 4:22 Aquarius – Jan 24/25

At 8:21am this morning (Thursday, Jan 24) the Moon Ingressed Aquarius and we are in the Dark of the Moon leading up to the New Moon. From this point on, our feelings and goals are in alignment so we can SEE and FEEL our new monthly goals.

At 4:42pm the Moon at 4:22 Aquarius Conjuncts the Sun at 4:22 Aquarius creating the annual New Moon in Aquarius.

You can FEEL what your goals are for the next month/Lunar cycle.

This is a ‘fresh start’ around our hopes, wishes and dreams, our ‘fitting-in’ with groups of people and our social network. It is also reawakens our sense of freedom and universality at the same time. Its a great month ahead for change, revelation and inspiration.

At 10:42pm Mercury at 14:19 Aquarius Biquintiles the North Node at 8:19 Aquarius.

Unexpected effortless communication between groups of family or from our social network regarding family matters. Or it can be that you want to express some form of freedom you are enjoying though you are also protected by your inclusion in a family or group of acquaintances. You could find yourself donating to a charity or you could have a family member offer their unexpected support of your hopes, wishes and dreams.

Saturday, Jan 25

At 8:09am Mercury at 15:00 Aquarius Sextiles Mars at 15:00 Aquarius.

A productive aspect between our communication with groups of acquaintances and our motivations to be kind or to act with kindness. We are able to express our new spiritual philosophy/global perspective by asserting ourselves within groups of people or writing about it online.

On Sunday Mercury will make 2 more aspects to Neptune and Chiron. So this weekend is about unexpected communications with Mercury in Uranus’s Sign.

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