Easy, Effortless Energy – Jan 5

We are 4 days from Jupiter Opposite the North Node; 5 days from the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and Uranus’ Direct Station; and 7 days from Saturn Conjunct Pluto along with Mercury and then the Sun on Jan 13! It is a BIG WEEK! Things intensifying and falling down at the same time. And the headlines around Jan 12 will be ALL ABOUT the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction which is in tight orb of the Lunar Eclipse, too! Hold on because we’re in a for a bumpy ride!

With all of the Planets in Capricorn narrowing their orbs, we will soon be able to express some of what the ‘Pressure Cooker’ has been about. The Lunar Eclipse is going to intensify the energy of the ‘Pressure Cooker’ and Uranus’ Direct Station may help us to see a bit of how to manage what is coming as Saturn will move forward to Tridecile Uranus over the next month bringing us mental growth and unfolding awareness as we move through the letting off the steam of the Pressure Cooker.

Sunday, Jan 5, EST

At 4:53pm Mars at 1:42 Sagittarius Trines Chiron at 1:42 Aries.

With any luck, this is a fortunate energy supporting us in having an adventure or doing a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ for another. Any insecurity is suspended and Sagittarius optimism and benevolence can shine through.

At 9:36pm Venus at 20:40 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus Rx at 2:40 Taurus.

Another magical way to end the day as these 2 Planets are in ‘Mutual Reception’ (in each other’s Signs) and bringing plenty of change to our Fixed Desires and Fixed Air/Ideas. Change is unexpectedly effortless and we want the highest good for all involved. We are willing to donate our own resources for the benefit of others or to forego some beauty for the sake of blending in with the group and seeing each other through a lens of universal connection.

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