Winter Solstice & Changed Desires – Dec 21-22

We are now just 3 days or so from the Solar Eclipse. Saturn is already in tight orb to Pluto so the storyline is really coming together. Jupiter has crossed the Eclipse position, but will be tightly Conjunct the Solar Eclipse at 4:07 Capricorn which exacts at 12:13am on Dec 26.

Last night we had the Winter Solstice and then on Sunday morning Venus Squared Uranus Rx and Mars Sextiled Pluto. The descriptions of these aspects are below along with Monday’s aspects.

Saturday, Dec 21, EST

At 11:20pm the Sun Ingressed Capricorn creating the Winter/Summer Solstice depending on the hemisphere you will in.

Here is the chart of the Winter Solstice for EST. This chart will be affecting us for the next 90 days. Within the chart you can see Venus applying to Square Uranus and Mars in Sextile to Pluto.

The Sun will be joining the Stellium of Planets in Capricorn now: Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter. As well as the South Node, Eros and Ceres. That is a lot of energy focused on public authorities, power, use of power, politics, governments, corporations and banks. With Jupiter’s help we will be looking for improved leadership styles moving forward. The next 90-days will bring strong clarity to these areas of our lives. For each of us personally there is some career and public structures of our lives we can get more clear about as well.

Sunday, Dec 22

At 8:30am Venus at 2:49 Aquarius Squared Uranus Rx at 2:49 Taurus.

Uranus is the only major Planet that is Retrograde right now. He will Station Direct on Jan 10 at 2:39 Taurus. So he is slowing down to flip around. Venus and Uranus are in Mutual Reception (Transiting each others’ Signs). They are changing up our Personal desires and our group desires; our resources and charity to others. What shocking idea did you arrive at this morning? Did your desires become more philanthropic? Are you concerned with your own interaction with social media and groups? Are you donating to charities through social media channels?

At 9:32am Mars at 22:05 Scorpio Sextiled Pluto at 22:05 Capricorn.

A productive aspect between the 2 Co-Rulers of Scorpio: intimacy and shared resources are highlighted here. But this aspect is not occurring in a vacuum as Mars just Sextiled Saturn on Thursday and has been in orb to Pluto since then as well. While Mars wants to pursue intimacy and shared resources, Saturn has been reigning in his natural instincts so there may have been less action as a result.

At 6:23pm Mercury at 20:21 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 20:21 Capricorn.

This is the last aspect made to Saturn before he clears his Retrograde Shadow of 20:31 Capricorn (just another 10 minutes away). So there is likely something expressed that takes us back over career objectives and initiated structures that we were focused on around the end of Apr and mid-Sep. You could be expressing your new spiritual philosophy and leadership styles that you have been reviewing over the last year.

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