3-Way of Lower & Higher Minds – Dec 19/20

Thursday, Dec 19, EST

At 5:00am Mars at 19:57 Scorpio Sextiles Saturn at 19:57 Capricorn.

Our motivations to merge financially are working productively with our career goals. Or we may be seeking to merge physically in order to secure more social status. Whatever the motivation to merge, Saturn is holding us to keeping our actions in check and transparent. Saturn is already within orb of the Conjunction to Pluto and we are feeling the responsibility regarding shared resources and intimacy. Mars will Sextile Pluto on Sunday providing us a glimpse of the how the Conjunction story ties into our Scorpio areas of life.

At 8:45pm Mercury at 15:55 Sagittarius Virgintiles Jupiter at 3:55 Capricorn.

This is Part 1 of a 3-way between Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune.

A Virgintile bring us a new mental idea. Something new can emerge tonight and we can express it now revealing some of what Jupiter has been doing since he Ingressed Capricorn and the spiritual philosophy he had us working on as he Transited through Sagittarius over the last year.

At 11:19pm Mercury at 16:04 Sagittarius Squares Neptune at 16:04 Pisces.

Mercury is moving through the 2019 Squares of Jupiter to Neptune over the next few days. Earlier this year Jupiter Squared Neptune 3 times with both Planets in their own Signs. Their Squares created lots of escapist tendencies and also the consciousness around needing to find ways to better manage the over-abundance of subconscious energies. Today we are likely to express some of the lessons we learned through their Squares and also see how it played a role in shaping our new spiritual philosophy. The Square presents a challenge to consolidate all that was learned and apply it successfully.

Friday, Dec 19, AM

At 1:15pm Jupiter at 4:04 Capricorn Quintiles Neptune at 16:04 Pisces.

This aspect has been applying for the next few days and is assisting Mercury in getting his pea-brain around the global and collective subconscious understanding of Jupiter and Neptune. This aspect will likely only be expressed by Mercury, though via a Square aspect to Neptune. But the Virgintile will help him to rise above the Square to master some of the magic of these 2 Higher-Mind Planets in a 5D aspect.

There is some effortless energy here to succeed with our spiritual philosophy as we look at our power and public authority situations.

At 4;30pm Jupiter reaches 4:07 Capricorn, the position of the Dec 26 Solar Eclipse.

Jupiter will be helping us to feel optimistic about this Eclipse energy. There may be legal or insurance issues that you are working on and you get a glimpse of how this Eclipse will be working on bringing ‘Rapid Change’ to resolve these issues. Or you may find yourself planning a vacation or stay-cation for the Holidays that gets amped up right now. Or a foreigner could be involved.

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