Full Moon in Gemini Ushers in the Eclipse Wormhole – Dec 12

After 12:12pm on Wednesday the next 12 hours will have only the Moon applying to Oppose the Sun in the emotional peak of a Full Moon. And will begin the Eclipse Wormhole!! Get ready for RAPID CHANGE!

Thursday, Dec 12, EST

At 12:12am the Moon at 19:52 Gemini Opposes the Sun at 19:52 Sagittarius.

Full Moon at 19:52 Gemini

Gemini and Sagittarius is the axis of thought, ideas, communication, study and travel. Its the local vs. global axis, K-12 vs. Higher Education, small town vs. cities, siblings vs. grandparents, cousins vs. mentors, etc.

The Sun has been bringing us clarity around our new spiritual philosophy that Jupiter had us working on the last year. So the contrast today centers around how we FEEL about that spiritual philosophy and bringing it close to our local circle of friends and neighbors. Can we apply our big ideals to our immediate surroundings? Will our early childhood classmates appreciate how we have morphed into a more philosophical perspective of things?

Sagittarius is the Sign where we resolve our Karmic duality and integrate both halves of the Mercury mind into the bigger, Holistic perspective of Jupiter/Sagittarius. What do you have going on in your life that needs to be seen Holistically rather than Karmically? Can you reconcile the 2 halves of the conscious mind into seeing how it allows us to have this experience in a human body but our minds can still transcend the duality and rise above it?

That is the challenge at this Full Moon. You may LOVE your close circle of friends from grade school, but it is time to elevate your reality to something broader and more enriching. Just take them with you!

As Jupiter will be Conjunct the Solar Eclipse on Dec 26, we will ALL have a chance to venture further from home whether in our minds or physically. So embrace the big ideas, get curious and share some profound ideas with your own siblings and cousins.

At 1:07am Mercury at 4:09 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Saturn at 19:09 Capricorn.

Mercury loves to have the last word and here he is likely to irritate a bit with what does get expressed. But Saturn is Semi-Sextile the Sun and Quincunx the Moon and so he had some good input into our Full Moon experience. Mercury IS elevated in Sagittarius so the irritation may simply help you to rise about the duality into your new spiritual philosophy. Feel free to share your new ideas even if it irritates a bit. We all need a bit of friction in order to grow. Your new philosophy may rub a father-figure the wrong way, but could result in greater respect for you evolving on your own terms.

At 10:47pm Chiron Stations Direct at 1:26 Aries.

if you are in the middle of a challenging Chiron Transit, you will now be going through the final pass and there is a silver-lining once that occurs.

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