Magical Passion & Motivation – Dec 3

You have a few hours to get used to Jupiter in Capricorn and so much could be said about it. But go back to Dec 9, 2007 when Jupiter and Pluto were Conjunct at 28:24 Sagittarius. Jupiter just crossed over that degree in the last year or so. There could be some wrapping up of things started at their last Conjunction. But today Jupiter is sitting where Pluto was on Jan 26, 2008 when he first Ingressed Capricorn. Where were you then? Pluto Retrograded back into Sagittarius and the market collapse began on nearly that exact same degree and minute of their Conjunction in Sep 2008. Jupiter is sitting where Saturn was around Dec 20, 2017. As Jupiter Transits through Capricorn, he will be reigniting the paths of Pluto and Saturn and providing us some higher consciousness that will help us to navigate their Conjunction on Jan 12, 2020.

Tuesday, Dec 3, EST

At 12:22am Mercury at 21:30 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 21:30 Capricorn.

Mercury is nearing the end of his current cycle with Pluto which began on Jan 18 at 21:12 Capricorn. So Pluto is just passed this exact position now and Mercury has a few minor aspects to go. They will meet again on Jan 12 at 22:46 Capricorn just ahead of Saturn exacting his Conjunction to Pluto. Pluto rules Mercury in Scorpio right now and Mercury is still in Phase 3 of his Retrograde cycle. He won’t clear his Shadow until 27:38 Scorpio on Dec 8. The message today is likely to bring up some intimacy issues from last Jan and may show us a bit of what is ahead as Pluto begins new cycles with Mercury and Saturn on Jan 12. The Sextile will keep suspicion out of our minds, but it may creep in before they meet again. Keep all your money dealings honest and practice transparency so you can move through the next few months with fewer hiccups.

At 10:47am Venus at 9:28 Capricorn Sextiles Mars at 9:28 Scorpio.

Motivation to merge will meet with desires to achieve some social status or financial footing. There is passion, love and power at play here, but the Sextile can keep it all personal and enjoyable.

At 12:55pm Mars at 9:31 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 21:31 Capricorn.

There is a whole lot of intimacy energy today and this one is effortless and magical. If you are motivated to secure some financial backing, looking for an authority to join in, or looking to pursue a lover who has their own authority, this is the aspect that can help you do just that. Just keep everything above board and 5D.

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