Neptune Stations Direct With Mercury Trine – Nov 27/28

For the next few days Mercury’s Trine to Neptune will make our intimate plans and conversations feel easy and just right. We have 6 aspects that exact on Thanksgiving Day so I am covering the AM aspect now.

Wednesday, Nov 27, EST

At 1:28am Venus at 1:33 Capricorn Squares Chiron Rx at 1:33 Aries.

Not the easiest of aspects, but Venus does offer some healing to ease your insecurity or lack of motivation. It could a woman who helps you assert yourself or your own new values and desire for social status that forces you to act, introduce yourself or assert your desires.

At 7:32am Neptune at 15:56 Pisces Stations Direct.

This feels like a sea-change that is deep and tectonic, but so ready for it to occur. We have been seeing through the veil that Neptune creates on his 1st pass to these degrees from 15:15-18:43 Pisces. Neptune Stationed Retrograde at 18:43 Pisces on June 22 and has had us reviewing since then. Some confusion was seen through or a veil was dropped. Forward ho to newer confusion when Neptune clears his Shadow on Mar 17, 2020.

At 5:27pm Mars at 5:41 Scorpio Quintiles Saturn at 17:41 Capricorn.

Some magical energy between our motivations to merge and our seriousness in dealing with authority and our own career objectives. Men are well aspected here as well as our own ‘Mars’ energy that exists in each of us. Mars in bringing up the rear of the Personal Planets so he is acting on intimacy situations that we have gotten clear about, talked about and realized our desires. Authority-types are smiling favorably at your actions today.

Thursday, Nov 28, AM

At 4:51am Mercury at 15:56 Scorpio Trines Neptune at 15:56 Pisces.

Neptune’s first aspect since Stationing Direct and right on his exact Stationary position. So Mercury is expressing something for us that Neptune has been really trying to get us to see as he sits at this degree for a few weeks before and after his Station. There is an ease in our subconscious that will allow us to express our intimate plans and feelings as both are Water Signs. This is Mercury’s 3rd Trine to Neptune throughout Mercury’s Retrograde cycle so this is the final word between the 2 Planets with Mercury in Scorpio.

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