Practicing What We Preach at the Sag New Moon – Nov 25/26

We are approaching the Sagittarian New Moon and Venus is slipping into Capricorn in advance. Moon is wrapping up her latest tour of Scorpio helping us to gauge our intimate feelings. But Tuesday morning brings a new month focus.

Mon, Nov 25, PM

At 7:28pm Venus Ingresses Capricorn.

In Sag this girl was very optimistic about the big picture and spiritual values. Now she will ground those values in Capricorn bringing them into the public circles of power. We can all use a new set of values in our public authority.

At 8:59pm the Sun at 3:30 Sagittarius Quincunx Uranus Rx at 3:30 Taurus.

Adjusted clarity following some changed inspiration and values. How does our new spiritual philosophy sync with our changed desires and erratic resources? Is optimism warranted? Can we find new ways to acquire that are beneficial to the global collective?

Tuesday, Nov 26

At 10:05am the Moon at 4:03 Sagittarius Conjuncts the Sun at 4:03 Sagittarius creating the New Moon.

This is our annual fresh start in the Sagittarius areas of our lives. We need to set goals to live according to our spiritual philosophy and learn to apply it in our daily lives; public and private.

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