Sun Enters Sagittarius – Nov 21/22

Thursday, Nov 21, EST

At 2:31pm Mars at 1:38 Scorpio Quincunx Chiron Rx at 1:38 Aries.

Mars rules Chiron in his Sign of Aries so there is an adjustment to be made in the way we initiate action and passion or how we assert ourselves and our will. Chiron is making us feel insecure or unmotivated at all. Mars in Scorpio wants to MERGE with you and your money. So you are going to need to work around any insecurity or lack of motivation in order to secure your intimate motivations.

Friday, Nov 22

At 1:40am the Sun at 29:39 Conjuncts my Natal Sun creating my Solar Return chart for the next. The ASC is 19:41 Virgo in my 5th House by Rising Sign and my 11th House by Sun Sign. So I know serving others through Astrology is highlighted;) as well as other things. Solar Return ASC and Midheavens (mine is at 17+ Gemini Conjunct my Natal ASC) offer very valuable insights to the year ahead. As Mercury’s Direct Station took out my laptop, I’m waiting to see HOW I can keep being of service. But Virgo likes more work to be involved😵

At 9:59am the Sun Ingresses Sagittarius.

For the next 30 days or so we will be getting clear on what Jupiter’s Transit through his own Sign of Sagittarius has been teaching us since last Nov 8, 2018.

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