Mars Enters Scorpio & Mercury Stations Direct – Nov 19/20

Tuesday, Nov 19, EST

At 2:40am Mars Ingresses Scorpio.

At last Mars is in a Sign he rules and free to be himself. He is ready for some passionate merging in financial and sexual ways. If you are tired of being diplomatic and reciprocal as Libra wants you to be, you are ready to let loose now and initiate some passion. Mars will remain in Scorpio for the next 6 weeks. On Jan 3 Mars will Ingress Sagittarius. So enjoy the intense passion that Mars in Scorpio offers.

At 2:54pm the Sun at 27:11 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 27:11 Sagittarius.

A minor aspect that will show us how well we are applying our new spiritual philosophy to our intimate goals for sharing ourselves and using other peoples’ resources. Are you doing ‘Scorpio’ with the highest level of honesty, integrity and transparency? How does what you see today help you develop a greater sense of good leadership?

Wednesday, Nov 20

At 12:57pm Mars at 0:57 Scorpio Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 15:57 Pisces.

His first aspect since Ingressing Scorpio and he needs to adjust his passionate actions or his subconscious fear in order to achieve more success in his efforts. Transparency is a good thing to keep in mind with your drive to merge yourself and your resources. Neptune can remind you of other times you have pursued the same thing and didn’t get the results you were planning on. So heed his warnings, adjust and all will go well.

At 2:12pm Mercury at 11:35 Scorpio Stations Direct.

As he nears his Station, Mercury can be pretty indecisive. There is a lot on the line when you involve Scorpio energies. So you want to be sure to get it right. Whatever you have been reviewing over the last 3 weeks will now begin to be finalized for the next year. Though future Retrogrades could revisit some of the elements, but with a slightly different take on things based on the Sign Mercury Retrogrades in.

For now there is some relief as he moves Direct again. As he is far behind the Sun, he is less able to wreak a lot of havoc with your plans. In fact, you are almost forced to rely on your Higher Minds to see things through. Which is a great plan anyway.

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