Saturn Sextiles Neptune – Nov 7/8

Thursday, Nov 7, EDST

At 4:32pm Venus at 7:31 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Mars at 22:31 Libra.

This aspect has already occurred, but there was some irritation in our pursuit of relating and our optimism around our resources and values.

Friday, Nov 8

At 7:38am Mercury Rx at 22:55 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Mars at 22:55 Libra.

A minor, but productive, energy to express our motivations to merge our resources with our relating-ship/s.

At 12:06pm the Sun at 15:59 Scorpio Sextiles Saturn at 15:59 Capricorn.

This is Part 1 of a 3-way aspect of the Sun, Saturn and Neptune. The Sun will allow us to clearly see how the Sextile between the 2 Karmic Planets is affecting our financial and physical intimacy.

As the Sun meets Saturn we have some helpful clarity around our intimacy and shared resources and our career objectives. We could also receive some recognition for our money management.

At 12:56pm the Sun at 16:01 Scorpio Trines Neptune Rx at 16:01 Pisces.

Now we have ease clarity around what our shared bottom-line is exactly. We will find it very easy to create some new financial and physical alliances.

At 9:46pm Saturn at 16:01 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune Rx at 16:01 Pisces.

This aspect has been applying for over a month now. And this is their 3rd Sextile this year: Jan 31 at 14:44; Jun 18 at 18:44; and Today. This productive aspect between the 2 Karmic Planets has been helpful.

But today we get to feel how our subconscious is working productively with our objectives for establishing a foundation around our careers and social status that will allow us to secure our next 28+ year cycle of Saturn.

Look to the Houses where you have these 2 Planets Transiting to see WHO your Karmic Transit has been about.

3 thoughts on “Saturn Sextiles Neptune – Nov 7/8

  1. I enjoy reading your insights. Saturn is transiting my second house, and Neptune is transiting my fourth house. How do I discern who my karmic transit has been about? Thanks!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Diana😊 2nd house rules women and in Capricorn it can career-minded women or authorities types that are associated with the way you acquire resources. 4th house is mom and family members are hidden enemies in your hometown or dissolving of home matters and avoidance of these things by you even.

    2. A reading can be very helpful right now as there is so much going on with your 2nd house over the next 3 months👍

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