Desires Under Review as Mercury Stations Retrograde – Oct 30/31

Wednesday, Oct 30, EST

At 6:05pm Mercury at 27:36 Scorpio Conjuncts Venus at 27:36 Scorpio.

These 2 Planets have been in tight orb for a few days now, but as they exact you are likely to receive some expression of desire from a lover or an offer of financial assistance. Mercury is just 2 minutes from his Retrograde Station which exacts on Thursday at 11:41am at 27:38 Scorpio. When he begins his ‘review’ there is likely to be a bit of change to whatever is offered or expressed right now. Watch for miscommunication, that is Mercury’s favorite trick during his Retrograde cycle. And it is very common to have some old ‘lovers’ pop up as a part of this review, especially in the Sign of Scorpio. Still the expressions, ideas and desires you have today will be made conscious.

Thursday, Oct 31, am

At 11:41am Mercury at 27:38 Scorpio Stations Retrograde.

Much of his Station will involve this Conjunction with Venus and what it brings. There can be indecisiveness for sure, but we are going to express those desires and not really be sure about what they are until Mercury makes his final pass to 27+ Scorpio on Dec 7.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio is going to be reviewing our integrity, our transparency and our honesty in all matters of sexual and financial intimacy. Its not for the faint of heart to have him Rx in Scorpio. This is a pretty deep review of our financial situations that are shared with others. There can be payments made now that have been waiting to occur. You can also have some changes of mind on situations that have began since Mercury first entered his shadow on Oct 18.

The usual hiccups to our plans, computer challenges and the like are common. But if you stay in your Higher Mind energies, it won’t really throw you.

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