Mercury Feeling Fickle – Oct 28/29

Monday, Oct 28, pm, EST

As of tonight Mercury is already at 27+ degrees of Scorpio and will Station Rx at 27:38 Scorpio on Thursday. So if you are feeling indecisive, this is likely the reason. In Scorpio, we have Fixed Emotions that don’t jive real well with Mercury’s Mutable (changeable and fickle) energy. It can be a bit of relief when he finally changes direction so we can look back at the last few weeks when Mercury was getting too far ahead of the Sun and creating his usual tricks of perception. Rely on your Higher Minds to guide you through.

At 11:57pm Mars at 16:10 Libra Quincunx Neptune Rx at 16:10 Pisces.

Our motivations right now are to be more diplomatic, and at the very least, more gentle than we might usually be. Mars in Libra is in his detriment being controlled by Venus energy to act more refined and balanced with partners and friends and less about ourselves. In an adjustment aspect to Neptune, we might see how there is something lingering in our subconscious that is further blocking our balanced and reciprocal actions. Make the adjustment based on your deep mind.

Tuesday, Oct 29

At 2:14am Venus at 25:32 Scorpio Ses-Squares the North Node at 10:32 Cancer.

Some adjustment creates an ease between our money situations (ours and others’ money) and our focus on the family: mom, home, family, land/emotional roots and nurturing). What you desire may need to be adjusted to better align with family needs. Are you sharing your resources with a lover while the family goes without? You know ‘the shoemaker’s kids go without shoes’ fable. This is a perfect example of this. Spend your money making shoes for your own family and everyone benefits.

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