Sun Quintiles the South Node & Enters Scorpio – Oct 22/23

Tuesday, Oct 22, EST

At 3:50pm Venus at 17:32 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 2:32 Aries.

Your insecurity or lack of motivation could get in the way of your desires, until you adjust yourself that is. You may need to give yourself a pep talk or be your own cheerleader to get yourself out there and into the dating game or into a financial opportunity. Don’t hold back today. Venus will help you with some healing if you watch for it.

At 10:30pm the Sun at 29:23 Libra Tridecile the North Node at 11:23 Cancer.

A Tridecile is 108 degree aspect that promises mental growth and unfoldment. The Sun is also making a Quintile to the South Node in Capricorn. The Quintile is a 5D/magical aspect. The Decile is a factor of the Quintile, by 2 and by 3 for the Tridecile. This is a subtle aspect that takes some Soul Awareness to access. But clarity around our relating-ships goals (Sun in Libra) in effortless aspect to our career objectives (South Node in Capricorn) and how this is impacting our mother, family, home and land.

Wednesday, Oct 23

At 1:20pm the Sun Ingresses Scorpio.

Now the Sun will join Mercury and Venus in Scorpio leaving Mars behind in Libra and in his detriment. You may have noticed that Mercury is far ahead of the Sun and up to his usual trickster shenanigans as he nears his Retrograde Station on Oct 31 at 27:38 Scorpio. Now the Sun will be bringing us some clarity around things that were said before Mercury entered his Retrograde Shadow at 11:35 Scorpio on Oct 11. The Sun will clarify our intimate situations and financial dealings of money we share with others and any use of your own resources since Venus Ingressed Scorpio on Oct 8.

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