Grand Kite Grounds our Emotional Energies – Oct 21

Monday, Oct 21, EST

At 3:40pm Venus at 16:17 Scorpio Trines Neptune Rx at 16:17 Pisces.

This is a very easy, flowing feeling of love, desire, attraction and sex, intimacy and sharing of our resources with another. You will have no subconscious hiccup or hesitation. All lights are green to pursue touch and to acquire the reciprocity of it.

Grand Kite Configuration: North Node in Cancer, Venus in Scorpio, Saturn/South Node/Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune/BML in Pisces.

Venus and Neptune (along with Black Moon Lillith in Pisces) are in a Grand Kite configuration with the North Node in Cancer (Grand Water Trine) and the Stellium in Capricorn (South Node, Saturn and Pluto) Opposite the North Node as the Kite’s spine. But along comes Mars to create a Square over the next few weeks to the Nodes of Fate (see below), Saturn (Oct 27) and Pluto (Nov 5). The Grand Kite will be grounding all of our emotions into something tangible and long-lasting.

At 4:18pm Mars at 11:24 Libra Squares the North Node at 11:24 Cancer.

If there is a fly in the ointment to the above aspect, it could be pushing too hard for the reciprocity of things. Though this aspect could be completely unrelated as you are pushing to relate to friends and partners while neglecting your family, home or land.

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