Pluto Quintile Chiron & More – Oct 18-20

Friday, Oct 18, EST

The Moon is Transiting through Gemini through early Saturday morning.

At 8:03pm Pluto at 20:41 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron Rx at 2:41 Aries.

A nice energy between 2 Planets that work productively together anyway, but add in the magic and its quite helpful. This Quintile is keeping both of these Planets from their harder expressions so its something to be thankful. It will be easier to move through some transformation and to understand there really is no such thing as ‘death’ or a final ending.

Saturday, Oct 19

At 6:45am the Moon Ingresses Cancer.

At 6:21pm Mercury at 20:42 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 20:42 Capricorn.

Mercury will Sextile Pluto 2 more times as he Retrogrades so what gets expressed today is up for review. Though it will be helpful communication around intimacy and any shared resources. In the next 13 hours Mercury will move through the Semi-Sextile of Jupiter to Pluto that exacted on Thur, Oct 17.

Sunday, Oct 20

At 3:30am the Moon Conjuncts the North Node at 11:24 Cancer. By noon the Moon will Oppose Saturn and later Pluto.

At 7:23am Mercury at 21:15 Scorpio Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 21:15 Sagittarius.

Now Mercury will express our new global/spiritual philosophy and our preferred leadership styles that Jupiter has been honing for us. We can learn to deal with our Pluto entities if we model our own higher consciousness and leadership style with integrity.

At 9:58am Venus at 14:45 Scorpio Sextiles Saturn at 14:45 Capricorn.

Productive desires to use investment for your career goals. Or you may offer your own resources to an intimate partner to help them with their career goals. You can be attractive to someone in authority looking to invest based on some of their personal values.

At 11:45am Mars at 10:38 Libra Squares the Solar Eclipse of Jul 2 at 10:38 Cancer.

You may have some motivations that lead you in the direction of wrapping up what was began at the Solar Eclipse.

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