Mercury in a Hand of Merlin – Oct 9

Wednesday, Oct 9, EST

At 11:51am Mercury at 8:39 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 20:39 Capricorn.

This is Part 1 of Mercury moving into a Hand of Merlin configuration with Pluto and Chiron who are in orb of their upcoming Quintile (Oct 18). Pluto rules Scorpio and therefore Mercury as he Transits the Sign. We have intense, but magical merging going on with money and physical intimacy. Those in power may praise us for our above-board money handling. Or we may pitch them an idea that they decide to back. Either way, its a magical time for sealing some kind of intimacy deal… money or otherwise;)

At 6:49pm at 1:32 Scorpio Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 16:32 Pisces.

Black Moon Lillith is separating from the Conjunction with Neptune, but the energy is still quite potent. So essentially Venus is adjusting any subconscious fears she has around using someone else’s money or merging with them in a sensual/sexual way in order to create an ease. With BML nearby, the subconscious fears may or may not really be ‘yours’ but are part of the condition of the human experience so you will still need to work through any fear you feel in order to arrive at the ease promised by the Ses-Square. Money and touch are front and center and you want to be looking good for any merger on the table, so get over that fear and MERGE!

At 7:48pm Mercury at 9:05 Scorpio Biquintiles Chiron Rx at 3:05 Aries.

Now we have the other half of the Hand of Merlin. The magic will cure any lack of motivation or insecurity you may be feeling about the arrangement you made earlier with someone in authority, a financial backer or intimate partner. Now all lights are GREEN as you rise above any pain Chiron might otherwise bring. Seize the day. Make your move and follow through on the contractual terms arrived at earlier. Be transparent, be yourself and you will know a confidence you may have thought you wouldn’t feel again for a while. Thankfully Mercury is making this configuration ahead of entering his Shadow, Phase 1 of his upcoming Retrograde cycle. Meaning you shouldn’t have to revise any contractual agreements arrived at through this Hand of Merlin.

At 11:24pm the Sun at 16:32 Libra Quincunx Neptune Rx at 16:32 Pisces.

The Sun shines some light into the fog of Neptune with BML still in a tight Conjunction. What does this mean for our relating-ship goals? The Sun wants to see how our subconscious fears may have been tripping us up and make a realistic adjustment to our negotiations with close friends, business partners or our significant other. Will more diplomacy solve the situation? Or do we simply need to make an internal adjustment based on what the Sun allows us to see hidden in our subconscious mind? Likely the latter. It is also possible that you may see how your relating-ships have been struggling with BML Conjunct Neptune and begin to use this clarity to move forward.

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